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Just for fun

In life, be open minded, no matter what your lover asks try to make it real.If he likes pain, chain and then whip him.If he would enjoy chaining you and whipping you let it happen naturally.

If he wants to see you fuck another Woman, invite a beauty to your bed and let him masturbates while he watches.

Open your mind. Feed your Fetish. Try to think of him as a sex toy. His mind and body are yours to play with and use to get yourself off.

Tease him. Make him want you. Make him desire you for an entire day without fucking him. Talk dirty and say what he wants to hear. Treat him like he’s prey. Don’t let him escape. Make him suffer.

Pack his balls in ice. Give him caffeine to stimulate him. Wear Latex and threaten to beat him with a whip.

Love the Old Movies

Back in the old days, you could hand out spankings in mainstream films, and everyone got their wiggle on! Nowadays, the politically correct crew has censored much of the mainstream movies, but there’s still some hot posters out there.

My newest story!

I am finally back to work, my dears. Not quite yet 100%, but my dirty mind is at work and I am moving! (And doing the wonderfully naughty things I like to do!) So, this story is just getting off the ground. In more ways than one …

Fly me, I’m Stacey

My name is Stacey.  I am flight attendant a large airline, and as such, I get to go around the world — a lot.  Throughout your lifetime, you won’t meet many women who are like me. I’m proud of to be able to say that.  So is my husband, Matt.

Matt had just joined our flight crew, and I met him on his first flight for our company on a jet out of New York City to Seattle.  Matt was the first officer, and I was his flight attendant. It was clear right from the get-go that Matt knew what to say and how to charm the ladies: When I stuck my head in the cockpit to say hello, his first words were, “Wow! You are gorgeous!”

I liked him immediately.

Loving every naughty moment!

But it wasn’t just his charming ways that I found attractive about Matt. If you must know (and I know you do!), Matt was also the type of guy that I find myself staring at. He was slim, attractive, and looked great in a pilot’s uniform. He also had a touch of gray hair at his temples, and I knew that he was older than me by at least a decade. I didn’t mind, though. Like I said, he looked good in a uniform. And I admit it; I am a sucker for a pilot. I knew that when I took a position as a flight attendant; eventually, I wanted a pilot in my bedroom.

But I’m younger than Matt, and it shows. The Italian in my blood has given me thick, black hair, and I keep it shoulder length. When I’m on the job, my hair is typically pulled back in a pony tail. When I’m off work, I wear it loose and free. When it comes to clothing, I’m like any other hot-blooded female. I like stark, primary colors. Black and white is nice, but give me bold reds, greens and yellows. I’m a pretty woman, and I like attracting attention.

(more to cum!)