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Stream of Consciousness – No Edits on this Fantasy

We began walking down the beach lost in thought. The night was cloudless and full of stars. The air was warm and yet I still shivered at your slightest touch. We walked until we came to a cave in the rocks. There I kissed you, gently at first, then passionately and demanding. Hard Latex LoverTaking your hand I led you inside to a blanket and a small fire. Slowly, I trailed kisses down your neck as I unbuttoned your blouse. I stopped briefly at your nipple while I slipped off your dress. Lightly I moved my hands up the inside of your thighs brushing my lips against one thing as I moved upward until my lips found you, wet and juicy! Rubbing you lightly with my hand, I slowly and softly trailed my free hand across your tight ass while I licked your clitoris, moistening it. I grasped your firm butt in my hands urging you to orgasm as I licked faster and faster. Suddenly you quivered and arched high into the air. Then I then picked you up and carried you to a blanket by the fire, and removed the rest of your clothing. I love your firm breasts with those rose-bud nipples. I took one in my hand and fondling it gently while sucking on the other. Your eyes pleaded with me to stop teasing and take you, but I only smiled, sliding my free hand down to allow my fingers to play in your valley. You began moving your hips in a circular motion, urging my fingers inside of you. In a frenzy we rolled over over each other, thrusting and moaning until at last we had reached ecstasy, crying out and collapsing in a mess of hot sweaty bodies.

Dream Time

“She was wearing something pink, and I remember that I was wearing a tweed sport coat. We walked into the house, and headed for the bedroom. It was at the top of a small staircase; It was a loft and and overlooked the living room. The bed was to the right. It was huge and covered with cool, white cotton sheets, and smothered with overstuffed pillows…”

“We lay down on the bed and intertwined like pasta. I kissed her. She groaned. I slipped out of bed, and put on my coat, and walked down the stairs and out the door.”

When I returned, I found myself on the ceiling, looking down on the bed. She was nude and surrounded by the was white sheets and pillows. Her hair was blonde. Her skin was slightly tan. She is beauty in that rumpled sea of covers, pillows and blankets.

In the next moment, I am next to her and naked. I put my lips upon hers to waken her slowly, then passionately kiss her mouth, ears and throat. I shift my body so that my lips trail down her chest, and I caress each breast and nipple with my tongue. My hands are on her thighs. My mouth feels the slight peach fuzz below her navel and I follow it. Down.”

Cannibal Virus LQP-79

LQP-79 is a hoax. And though it’s in poor taste, since some guy got his face eaten, it’s still destined to be an Internet meme. (did I just make a bad pun?) This story doesn’t exist anywhere outside of a jpg. It was never written in the news, and it’s unlikely to appear anywhere in legitimate news. Enjoy it here. It’s off topic of spanking, but too much fun to ignore.
lqp-79 cannibal virus

Latex, Bondage and …

A little bit of everything is promised in these images.