Tumblr – Spanking Inspiration

I can spend hours on Tumblr. Easy. I tend to be a visual person, and Tumblr is a torrent of images, words and thoughts. (Okay. Not a real torrent site, but you get the idea.)

I got up early today to write, and I’m with a few hundred words of finishing my last spanking story. I can almost see the last scene. It’s fuzzy in my mind, but it’s there: three women caught in a tangle of ecstasy after a harsh caning sesssion. (Yeah. I like it that way!)

But it’s fuzzy. So I decided to tease my mind. I still have 30 minutes till I have to go to work. Plenty of time to peruse Tumblr, and find just the inspiration that I need to sharpen the focus of writing.


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