Vintage Spankings

I don’t know what it is about these old photos that I find erotic. On some levels I understand: Our grandparents (and further back) were kinky. I realize that knowing about their fetishes is a turn on. But there’s more to it than that. What is it … exactly?

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5 responses to “Vintage Spankings

  1. Some of my first erotica came from old vintage books. I remember pictures of crucified erections with women bowing to them and hang ups on women’s flatulence. Perhaps if there’d been more spqnking it would have held my interest longer.

    • Farts? Really? I’ve heard about the fetish, but never seen it played out.

      I like the image of crucified erections and the bowing women. That has religious undertones that intrigue me.

      • I feel like it falls under Rule 34. When you’re living every day of your life with this religious iconography and the hormones hit, of course you’re going to interweave them together.

  2. reneeroseauthor

    I love these! I the “real” bodies – a little more meat on their bones and the vintageness gives them an “arty” feel…

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