Alice Offers to Spank Kitty

Kitty had asked Alice out to lunch several times, and each time, Alice had turned the young woman’s invitation down. The declines had been nice, but firm; definitely a “No,” but Kitty persisted, because she had the feeling that “Yes,” was soon to come.

She made some quiet inquiries to Alice’s friends. None of those friends thought that Alice had a boyfriend, and though men were interested in her, Alice didn’t seem return that interest. Kitty chose to persist in her attentions, and after a few weeks she got the answer she wanted, when Alice agreed to accompany her.

Kitty was normally quite shy and quiet, and Alice had much the same temperament. But whereas Kitty was shy, Alice dominated a room with her presence: Both men and women sought her approval.

Kitty had to know more about Alice. And what she found changed her life forever.

At lunch, Kitty probed for answers. She found that Alice lived with another women, and that that she and her girlfriend occasionally dated other women. Kitty hinted that she wanted to be one of those women, but Alice didn’t appear to pick up on the hint.

For the next few days Alice’s visage haunted Kitty; tall and slender, creamy skin, with long black straight hair, parted in the middle. Kitty asked Alice out again, this time to dinner. To her delight, Alice agreed.

“Where would you like to go?” Kitty asked.

“I’ll come to your house,” Alice replied. “We’ll decide from there.”

When Alice arrived the following evening, Kitty was one-the-edge nervous. She opened the door and let the woman into her apartment, and ultimately into her life.

Alice was cool and reserved as she walked around the apartment, but showed interest is how Kitty decorated her space; she looked approvingly at the paintings on the wall, the style of furnishings, and Kitty’s taste in CDs. The two of them made small talk for a while: the weather; the latest movies; a scandal in the news.

But Kitty was overwhelmed by Alice. The scent of Alice was overpowering and natural. At one point in the conversation, Kitty let her passion show when she grasped Alice’s hand lightly, and then kissed her.

Alice didn’t back away. Instead she took the girl into her arms and kissed her passionately. Alice’s grip around Kitty’s waist was fierce, as was the kiss. Then, Alice pulled back and gazed into Kitty’s eyes. “I think we’ll skip dinner,” Alice said. “We’re going to the bedroom; but first, you should know something about me.”

Kitty gasped for breath and drank in the power Alice exuded. She licked her teeth and lips. “Yes?” Kitty’s voice tremble just a bit.

“I should have told you before now,” Alice said. She had a wicked smile that promised wild things were about to happen. “I’m going to spank you before we have sex.”

It wasn’t a question. Kitty gasped again, but she didn’t struggle to get away. She had never engaged in erotic spanking, but had fantasized over the years. Kitty returned Alice’s smile and kissed her quickly. She leaned back against Alice’s arms: “Then I think you’d better get me out of this dress.”

Erotic Books and Stories by Alice Dark

One response to “Alice Offers to Spank Kitty

  1. LOL…and so the spider ensnares a fly in her web…although this particular fly seems very happy to be snared. 😀

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