Lesbian Ghost Girl – A fragment

English: Lips and tongue of a 19 years old Swe...

English: Lips and tongue of a 19 years old Swedish girl. Français : Lèvres et langue d’une jeune suédoise de 19 ans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

She pressed herself against me and though I sensed her form, she was more like a gentle wind – a girl-shaped breeze pressed against my flesh.

I still don’t know her name. Why she was there. Why she chose me.

But she kissed me on the lips, and I felt that breeze surge into me; a hot wind of desire! Her ghostly tongue slipped into my mouth, and opened my entire being up to her.

I eased back as she pressed against me, and soon I felt the a large, but smooth tombstone against my back. She pressed harder, almost sinking into my body, and kissed me hard one more time, and then slowly inched down my body: sucking on the lower lip before brushing hers against my chin; then down the hollow of my neck.

And as she moved her lips down my body, she unbuttoned my blouse and pulled my bra underneath my breasts. Her tongue was like a brush against my skin, and she made ghostly figure eights around the base of my breasts. Slowly, so slowly, she dragged her tongue up the sides of my breasts urging the nipples to rise and stand hard and pointed like cherries on a sundae.

I arched my back wanting her to suck my breasts deep into her mouth, but she pulled back. Instead, she dallied – licking, sucking, biting my flesh. All with ghostly teeth and tongue.

Her hands grazed my naked hips, and her fingers found their way into my belly button; I laughed and gasped in one breath!

Then her hand slipped into my panties, and her fingers between my legs. My public hair was a tangle, and soaked with desire. Two of her fingers slipped into me easily – and I would have laughed again at the thought of a ghosts fingers. But the the fire of lust that raged inside of my was fed by the dance of her fingers.

Her other hand solidifies more, and she pulls my panties down. Behind me, the tombstone is cold against my back, and I wonder if death has claimed us both – taken us together for an eternity of lust.

She slid further down my body, until she was on her knees. She removed her fingers and grasped my hips, and put her face against my pubic hair. Her tongue traced my lower lips, and my body bucked against her. I needed her in me.

I cried out as her tongue entered me with one full thrust. As a ghost, her tongue was unlike any other that I’d felt before. It reached deeper into me than I believed any tongue could reach, and I moaned at the sudden entry. She drank from me and I felt myself pour into her.

Finally, she released me in a daze, and I stared into at the stars circling in the heavens above. She flicked out of existence, and I cried out for her return.

Still working on this one, and several others. Multiple stories in the brain keep me going!

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