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Maid for Punishment – an M/f work in progress

This is an excerpt from my current story. I’m not yet finished, but it’s coming along nicely. I’ll likely wrap it up tonight, and then begin the editing process. For now, my dears, enjoy this excerpt of “Maid for Punishment – Laura’s Caning.”

“No! I don’t. I mean, I’m not. I mean, I’m sorry!” Laura was confused, and there was an

A thin, flexible cane designed for corporal pu...

A thin, flexible cane designed for corporal punishment. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

edge of terror to her voice. She knew, as did I, that if she left the house under less than stellar circumstances, it would be difficult to find another position. Even with my recommendation, if Lord James said she was a bad servant, she would not be hired.

Laura looked around the room wildly, trying to find the eyes of anyone who could tell her what to do, how to respond. But all she found was the glittering stares of men who wanted more from the girl.

“I’m going to let you stay here,” His Lordship said, his face only inches from hers.

“What? Really? O thank you, Sir! Thank you!” The girl was gushing and trembling at the same moment. It was then that Lord James dropped the other shoe.

“This isn’t for you,” he said. “I’m not letting you stay here for your good, and you are not yet forgiven for your clumsiness.”

“I- I- I don’t understand.”

Lord James cleared his throat. “Follow me,” he said, and led the girl to the center of the ring of chairs. “What do you think would happen if I fired you, and you left here tonight,” he asked. “Do you think any of the other staff would even realize that you’d left, let alone why you’d been sent away?”

“I don’t know, Sir, I keep to myself. I don’t intrude on the business of the other servants.”

“That is as it should be, girl. Yet, unfortunately, it doesn’t send the message that I need sent to the rest of the staff.” Lord James eyes were glittering, and Judge Hoyt leaned forward in his chair. “I want the staff to remember this night, young lady. I want them to remember what happens to clumsy little girls who embarrass my guests, and who make a fool of me in my own house.”

Laura didn’t know what to say, and wisely held her tongue. She stood in the center of the circle, shaking like a leaf.

Lord James turned and walked to the table where I had placed the switches and canes.

“Did your father ever whip you when you were a child?” he asked, testing the heft and whip of each branch. “Did he spank you? Paddle you when you were bad?”

Maid For Punishment – Laura’s Caning
When Laura, a virginal young girl, spoils an important social event for Lord James, he punishes her cruelly in front of an audience of his peers. This rousing story takes Laura to a final confrontation with her Master, and a four-foot long cane is applied liberally to the backside of the wayward girl. Lord James believes that punishment must be delivered quickly, otherwise young girls will take the wrong paths in life. This story is not for young folks, as the whippings are explicit and erotic. Enjoy the romp through this sexy caning!

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How the Spankos Find Me (that’s you!)

I got this idea from Bonnie at My Bottom Smarts – It’s a round-up of the search terms that people have used over the last three months to find my blog, and how unusual some of them are. Yeah, and I’ll make a few snarky comments along the way.

The most common search term is “lesbian caning,” followed closely by “spanking stories f/f” and “f/f spanking stories.” I’m a lesbian, and I write stories about spanking and caning. I’m easy to find on my blog, Twitter and facebook. Other common search terms are “bentalice” and “Alice Dark.” I’m so flattered!

English: Bettie Page spanking a tied-up woman

English: Bettie Page spanking a tied-up woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m happy to say that three people found me by searching for “morning spanking.” What a delightful way to wake up! I can imagine the delight in Sophia’s eyes when I wake her up that way tomorrow!

Another three-timer was “spanking england.” A lot of the folks who visit my blog – and particularly those interested in caning – are the readers from the UK. Proud to have you, sisters and brothers! Let me lay a cane across the collective backsides of your beautiful country!

Okay. Natalie Portman is beautiful, and I’d love to spank her myself. Apparently, so would some of you, as “natalie portman caning,” “natalie spanking,” “natalie gets a spanking pdf full,” “spanking stories natalie,” “natalie’s tears spanking,” “spanking natalie portman stories,” “natalie portman spanked on the bare” and “natalie gets a spanking” all come in high on the list.

I thought this one a little unusual – “spanked in church -youtube” – until I remembered my own misspent youth. Yes, I’ve been spanked in church; but then, I was raised Catholic. And you can expect some spankings (and paddlings!) from the nuns.

“whip cane paddle and femdom nurse stories” makes me want to rethink some of my writings. I think getting spanked by a nurse dressed in a starched white uniform is hot! And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get Sophia to try on a uniform just to give this fantasy some life!

Okay. Nothing to do with spanking. Which one of you searched for “url shortener” and found my site?

People stumbling across using foreign words is common, though other than a Korean phrase for Femdom (펨돔클럽), I don’t tag my stories as such. So, how did someone find me using “jean de virgans?”

I don’t spank plants. I spank girls – especially Sophia. So “rumble roses spank” has me a little baffled, but pleased. There’s something lovely in that search term.

I want to know this submissive: “every friday night i get spanking, caneing and a milking” It sounds like a wonderful life!

Here’s a phrase that I’ll add to my search terms, because I like it so much: “bad girls bend at the waist” But if you’ve followed me on Twitter, or read this blog, you know that I believe in spanking both the good and the bad girls!

My Catholic upbringing tends to lead me to enjoy spanking girls who are wearing plaid skirts. I’ve written lots of stories about spanking 18- and 19-year-old schoolgirls, hence “spanking canning whipping teen plaid skirt” and “spanked caned whipped women plaid skirt” don’t surprise me at all.

“latex-femdom” All I can say about that is *O Hell Yes*

There was a lot of interest in my quick look at getting your partner interested in spanking, as there were many variations on “how to introduct spanking to your relationship” and “introducing your sub to spanking”

This search term, “mom spanks the naughty woman next door,” gives me an idea for a story!

Okay. So is there a fetish of which I’m not aware: “get spank in the tree” I’ve pulled switches from trees to whip folks, but I’ve never actually spanked someone in a tree!

“every spank kindled her” Yes. Spanking Sophia gets her motor running!

Oddly enough, I’m writing a story now that involves chastity belts, so “infernal device chastity -occasional” is actually predictive. I hope that story done by early January 2013.

“they spank with hand, and with hairbrush until kat and karina are left with red, sore bottoms” Really? All I can say is wow!

This one was odd, in that it’s appears to be a Twitter ID – “@mastersignusnov”

Nope. I don’t have any of these online, “wethousemaids pics,” but I think I might want to see some myself!

Some requests are very specific: “domestic spanking stories meeting mrs for a severe hairbrush spanking over her left knee” Hmm. The left knee. I never really gave that much thought till now. This other search – “” – is also quite specific. And it sounds like fun!

Lots of searches for Bettie Page, such as “tumblr+betti+page+nudes” and “bettie page spanking comics” There are two Bettie comics on my site. Go get them! Here is the second one and Here is the first one.

Here’s another story that I want to write: “corsets stepford wife discipline” Doesn’t that sound positively decadent?

That’s all for now, my dears. It’s fun knowing that so many of you have just stumbled across my site with such a wide variety of terms! And I have to say thank you once again to Bonnie. I got the idea of filtering through search terms by reading her excellent blog.

Now go home and introduce erotic spanking to your partner!

Maid For Punishment – Laura’s Caning (the story begins)

I’ve decided to develop yesterday’s fragment into a full-blown story. It intrigues me what will happen to the girl, Laura. I have my plans and thoughts. And I’m still working out the end in my mind. For now, though, the story begins:

Maid for Punishment – Laura’s Caning

Over the years, I’ve known many different masters and mistresses. Some of these people were kind and forgiving; the kind of person that I would want to stay with for years. Others were cruel tyrants who punished the slightest indiscretion. But in all of my years of service, perhaps none of those that I served was so violent – so sure of his own innate superiority – as Lord James Throttlemeyer.

I never knew whether Lord James (or his Lordship, as he preferred to be called) was an actual British Lord. The master loudly proclaimed his certainty of his birthright to any who would listen. But to be honest, in all my years as a manservant, I never knew an American with a true and natural claim to that title. I’d heard stories, and read news accounts, but I could not account for their veracity.

Yet, it’s not Lord James’ questionable claim to nobility that I mean to write about. Rather, it’s the cruel and wicked ways he dealt with his servants that I need to share. There were many instances throughout my short two years of service to him, but the most memorable example that comes to mind of Lord James’ cruelty is the time Laura was punished for tipping a glass of draft beer into the lap of District Judge Alexander Hoyt.

Laura had come to the house early in the year. She’d arrived one day, knocking at the back door, and asking whether we had any work for her. She had no real recommendations beyond her youth, a willingness to work, and a high school diploma. The nation’s economy had taken a serious downturn only months before, and it turned out that Laura’s family could no longer support the 18-year-old girl. Turned out onto the streets by her parents, Laura had come to Philadelphia to look for work. That was as far as her bus ticket would take her, and finding herself short of money, Laura was desperate to earn her keep.

She was lucky. Lord James had placed an advertisement only days before seeking a new house maid. His terrible temper had driven the last one out of the house. We’d had several applicants since the advertisement had appeared, but none were suitable. I didn’t think then that Laura was right for the job either, but we were short a maid, and she seemed to be a decent and honest girl.

(I’m still working on this story, but I’m sure I’ll finish it soon. I don’t write M/f often, but sometimes I feel the need to stretch myself.)

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Laura’s Caning – A series of fragments M/f

Laura was a pretty girl who said very little, and kept a civil tongue when she spoke. She dark hair and kept it tied back, and that complimented her deep, blue eyes. Laura was short – about five-two – and slimly built. Although she was a little over eighteen years, Laura was nicely developed for her age. She even had a quaint a girlish charm. She had no boyfriends that we knew of, though I imagine half of the lads in her hometown must regret that she had left home.


“Did your father ever spank you when you were a child?”

“N..n…no, sir.” Fear showed plainly on Laura’s face.

His Lordship cleared his throat. “Perhaps if your father had done his job correctly, you wouldn’t be standing here now.” His Lordship stroked his chin and considered the trembling girl. “It might have taught you a lesson or two about taking care of what you’re doing. Now strip.”

Laura froze, rigid with fear.

“Strip,” he said again.

Still Laura did not move, almost as if she couldn’t understand what was happening to her.

“You, Jenkins,” the lord said, beckoning to his manservant who stood discretely in the corner of the room. “Strip her – and be quick about it.”

Jenkins was a big, burly man in his late 30s. He knew that there sense in disobeying his Lordship’s orders. He stepped out of the shadows, and in two long-legged strides stepped behind the girl. Jenkins’s hands were huge, and he was able to pinoin Laura’s arms in one hand, while with the other he flicked open the row of white buttons down the back of her dress. Jenkins completed the row, and the girl’s top fell open, revealing her pale skin below.

As Laura struggled in his grip, Jenkins turned his attentions to her skirt. His right hand came across the front of her waist, pinning her tighter to him, and he wrestled open the button on the side of her skirt. He tugged at the zipper and jerked it down. As he did so, the long white garment slithered down her legs, till it hobbled Laura’s ankles.

Placing his feet on the middle of the skirt, Jenkins lifted the small girl into the air, freeing her feet from both her shoes and the skirt. Now nearly naked, Jenkins turned the girl in mid-air and held her off the ground.

“Thank you, Jenkins,” his Lordship said. “That will suffice for now.”

Jenkins put the girl down gently, and Laura turned a frightened face to her Master. She was trembling, wearing only a thin white brassiere and cotton panties. She tried to cover herself and protect her innocence from the gaze of the assembled men.

“Now take off your undergarments,” his Lordship said. “Now!”


“Bend over the edge of the pool table, girl.” His Lordship motioned to the well-lit table in the center of the room. “Go on,” he said. Put your legs against it, and lean forward. And keep your hands behind your head.”

Laura stretched forward, and as she did so, she rose on tiptoe, thrusting her naked backside further into the air.

Satisfied, his Lordship took three steps back. He raised his arm high above his shoulder, and danced forward, bringing the cane crashing through the air and down across Laura’s backside. It landed straight across the center of her buttocks with a crack that sounded like gunfire.

Laura cried out! “Please! O no, please!”

Again – CRACK! – Again the rod lashed down on the helpless girl’s bottom. A second angry line traced across her behind – parallel to the first, but slightly lower.

Laura tried to muffle her sobs, choking back tears.

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Courtney is Spanked for Speeding – an M/f fragment

Courtney had been standing in the corner for more than an hour. She had a list of offenses committed to memory, and had spent her time going over each and every one of them. Courtney knew that she was going to be punished, and that the punishment had begun with her banishment to the corner. She sighed and rubbed her bare bottom. Soon, Courtney knew, Mister would spank her for all of the things that she’d done wrong this week. Courtney slouched and rolled her eyes.

“Take your hands off your bottom.”

Courtney jerked upright when she Mister’s voice. She stood stiffly, head back and hands at her sides.

“The paddle and strap are in my bag. Go get them and come back in here.”

Courtney turned several shades of red. She had been caught, and that would certainly add to her punishment. She nodded. “Yes sir,” Courtney said, keeping her head. She turned and dashed to the closet, where she retrieved both strap and paddle. Staring at the carpet below, she returned with measured steps and laid implements of punishment on the end of the couch. As she laid the strap down, Mister took Courtney’s hand and pulled the naked girl across his lap – face down and bottom up.

“You were speeding this week,” he said, in a soft but stern voice. “The posted speed is 35 mph. You were going 50.” He cared for her, and didn’t want to see Courtney hurt.

“No one saw me, Sir. Promise!” Courtney wiggled in Mister’s lap. She had self-reported her transgression. It was better, Courtney found, if she was honest with Mister, because if someone else reported her… It had only happened once, and Courtney didn’t like to think about it.

“I don’t want you taking risks,” Mister said, interrupting her train of thought. “When you speed, you endanger your well-being, as well as the lives of others.”

Courtney sniffed back a tear. “Yes, Sir.” She kept her voice low.

“This is a repeat offense,” Mister said. “You didn’t receive a ticket, but this is a zero tolerance situation.” Mister shifted Courtney on his lap. “I’ve talked to you about this in the past, so there’s no debating the punishment.” Mister cleared his throat. “You will receive both the paddle and the strap.”

Courtney gasped. She knew that speeding was wrong, and that she shouldn’t have taken the car in the first place. “Yes, Sir,” she said, beginning to cry. “I- I- I understand.”

In the next second, there was a sudden whoosh, followed by the searing pain of his wide leather strap biting into her backside.

Sss-crack! Sss-crack! Sss-crack! Sss-crack!

Courtney was already blubbering and she kicked her feet ineffectually. She never counted the strokes that Mister delivered, and knew he didn’t count them either. There was no way to count out out punishment; It just went on until Mister was satisfied Courtney was well-spanked.

Sss-crack! Sss-crack! Sss-crack! Sss-crack! 

Just when she didn’t think that she could take another stroke, Courtney felt his hand pressing down on her now bruised backside. He rubbed for a moment, and surprised her sudden flurry of swats!

Courtney was bawling and flailing in his lap, but Mister held onto her with little effort. Even in her pain, Courtney knew better than to throw herself from his knees. She sobbed and kicked, and beat at his legs with her hands. But Courtney was careful to stay where she was.

Just as suddenly as he began, Mister stopped strapping her backside. He lightly caressed the welts on her bottom with his fingertips for a few moments. Courtney hiccuped, sobbed, and buried her head against his legs. Mister waited till she grew quiet and then picked up the big paddle.

Whack! Whack! Whack!

Twenty swats later, Mister held Courtney in his arms and let her bury her face in his chest. She cried furiously after being punished, and soaked Mister’s shirt with her tears.

Yet Courtney held Mister tightly, her arms around his broad shoulders. She knew that he loved her, and that as long as she was honest, Courtney would have a place in his heart and his home. She touched her bottom tenderly and thought about the parking ticket that she still to own up to.

“Maybe tomorrow,” she thought to herself.

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