Courtney is Spanked for Speeding – an M/f fragment

Courtney had been standing in the corner for more than an hour. She had a list of offenses committed to memory, and had spent her time going over each and every one of them. Courtney knew that she was going to be punished, and that the punishment had begun with her banishment to the corner. She sighed and rubbed her bare bottom. Soon, Courtney knew, Mister would spank her for all of the things that she’d done wrong this week. Courtney slouched and rolled her eyes.

“Take your hands off your bottom.”

Courtney jerked upright when she Mister’s voice. She stood stiffly, head back and hands at her sides.

“The paddle and strap are in my bag. Go get them and come back in here.”

Courtney turned several shades of red. She had been caught, and that would certainly add to her punishment. She nodded. “Yes sir,” Courtney said, keeping her head. She turned and dashed to the closet, where she retrieved both strap and paddle. Staring at the carpet below, she returned with measured steps and laid implements of punishment on the end of the couch. As she laid the strap down, Mister took Courtney’s hand and pulled the naked girl across his lap – face down and bottom up.

“You were speeding this week,” he said, in a soft but stern voice. “The posted speed is 35 mph. You were going 50.” He cared for her, and didn’t want to see Courtney hurt.

“No one saw me, Sir. Promise!” Courtney wiggled in Mister’s lap. She had self-reported her transgression. It was better, Courtney found, if she was honest with Mister, because if someone else reported her… It had only happened once, and Courtney didn’t like to think about it.

“I don’t want you taking risks,” Mister said, interrupting her train of thought. “When you speed, you endanger your well-being, as well as the lives of others.”

Courtney sniffed back a tear. “Yes, Sir.” She kept her voice low.

“This is a repeat offense,” Mister said. “You didn’t receive a ticket, but this is a zero tolerance situation.” Mister shifted Courtney on his lap. “I’ve talked to you about this in the past, so there’s no debating the punishment.” Mister cleared his throat. “You will receive both the paddle and the strap.”

Courtney gasped. She knew that speeding was wrong, and that she shouldn’t have taken the car in the first place. “Yes, Sir,” she said, beginning to cry. “I- I- I understand.”

In the next second, there was a sudden whoosh, followed by the searing pain of his wide leather strap biting into her backside.

Sss-crack! Sss-crack! Sss-crack! Sss-crack!

Courtney was already blubbering and she kicked her feet ineffectually. She never counted the strokes that Mister delivered, and knew he didn’t count them either. There was no way to count out out punishment; It just went on until Mister was satisfied Courtney was well-spanked.

Sss-crack! Sss-crack! Sss-crack! Sss-crack! 

Just when she didn’t think that she could take another stroke, Courtney felt his hand pressing down on her now bruised backside. He rubbed for a moment, and surprised her sudden flurry of swats!

Courtney was bawling and flailing in his lap, but Mister held onto her with little effort. Even in her pain, Courtney knew better than to throw herself from his knees. She sobbed and kicked, and beat at his legs with her hands. But Courtney was careful to stay where she was.

Just as suddenly as he began, Mister stopped strapping her backside. He lightly caressed the welts on her bottom with his fingertips for a few moments. Courtney hiccuped, sobbed, and buried her head against his legs. Mister waited till she grew quiet and then picked up the big paddle.

Whack! Whack! Whack!

Twenty swats later, Mister held Courtney in his arms and let her bury her face in his chest. She cried furiously after being punished, and soaked Mister’s shirt with her tears.

Yet Courtney held Mister tightly, her arms around his broad shoulders. She knew that he loved her, and that as long as she was honest, Courtney would have a place in his heart and his home. She touched her bottom tenderly and thought about the parking ticket that she still to own up to.

“Maybe tomorrow,” she thought to herself.

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2 responses to “Courtney is Spanked for Speeding – an M/f fragment

  1. Yikes! Poor girl. I’d shut my mouth if I were her.

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