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Sophia Learns a Lesson – Spanking Flash Fiction

I drew the ping-pong paddle shoulder high, and took careful aim. Sophia was rigid and rebellious across my lap, but she knew it would be only a few moments before her spanking begins. But still, I do not strike. Instead, my arm remains poised at its highest point.

“I’m waiting, Sophia.” She looked over her shoulder, clearly confused. She didn’t see what’s in my hand, but Sophia is not sure what why I’m waiting.

“Does she want me to apologize again?” Sophia wondered. “Does she want more promises that I’ll never do it again?” Sophia knew that she could promise not to behave badly again in public, but would that be enough?

I saw that Sophia was flustered – that she didn’t know what I wanted her to say. I gave her a verbal nudge so that Sophia would know what I wanted her to say: “I can’t start this until you ask me, Sophia.” I had never required this of her before, but I wanted to make sure that she learned her lesson. I knew that the embarrassment of asking for her spanking would help make sure this particular lesson stuck.

Sophia stared hard at me, her bottom lip trembling. I patted her bottom with my free hand, and my words sunk in. Sophia blushed bright red; her entire body was quivering. She closed her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Mistress Alice.”

“And?” I prompted her. I knew the next words would be difficult for her to say, but I was patient.

A single tear was squeezed from Sophia’s closed eyes. She took a deep breath. “I’m sorry, and I know I deserve this, so please.” Sophia took another breath. She let it out slowly. “Please give me a spanking.”

The words were barely out of her mouth before I struck her bare buttocks squarely: SMACK! Only then did Sophia realize that I was using a paddle instead of my bare hand.


The initial spanks brought little gasps from Sophia, but it didn’t take long me to sharpen the pace and the intensity of the swats.


Sophia’s legs kicked wildly, and her cries increased.

“Ooooh!” SMACK! “Owww!” SMACK! “Oowwww!” SMACK!

I smiled thinly as the burn spread across Sophia’s cheeks, and I knew that this lesson would stick.


Tanya’s OTK – a fragment

Diane heard a timid knock, and knew that her girlfriend was reporting to her office as ordered. “Come in,” Diane said, easing back in her chair.

The knob turned and opened slowly to reveal her very frightened girlfriend, wearing the outfit that had been laid out for her punishment: black, patent leather shoes, white knee socks, a short green plaid skirt with matching neckerchief, white blouse, and a pink ribbon holding her blond ponytail in place. Tanya was is in her early 20s, and yet still had that sweet, innocent look. Especially when she dressed for a spanking.

Diane got up and stepped out from behind her desk. Even in casual clothing she was an imposing sight, especially with her black hair scraped back into a ponytail high on her head. Diane picked up a heavy, straight-backed chair with one hand, rotated it in the air and set it down firmly in front of her desk. She crossed the room and plucked a polished wooden hairbrush from a bookcase, and then set it down on the desk, within easy reach of the chair. Smiling wordlessly, Diane sat in the chair with causal grace and patted her knee.

Without a word, Tanya shuffled forward and stood beside Diane. It was obvious that Tanya knew the routine. She paused only a moment before laying face-down across her lap. Diane lifted Tanya’s tiny skirt, and then tucked into the belt at the girl’s waist. Tanya’s flimsy green panties barely covered half of her pale white bottom cheeks.

Diane gently rubbed the girl’s quivering bottom and then casually slid her finger between the girl’s bottom cheeks. She slid the fabric up until it was tight crack between Tanya’s cheeks and the girl’s entire bottom was exposed. Tanya moaned, but but said nothing.

“Well, young lady,” Diane growled. “It seems that you have been neglecting your housework.”

“Y-y-yes Ma’am,” Tanya squeaked. “I-I-I am s-s-s-sorrry, Ma’am.”

“As well you should be, my pet.” Diana brushed the girl’s bottom once more lightly with her fingertips. “You understand that you have to be corrected, don’t you?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Diane raised her right hand high and brought to down across the trembling girl’s bottom with a loud SMACK! Tanya kicked furiously and threw her back. But even as she the next SMACK! fell, she knew that she was right where she wanted to be.

Shannon’s Seduction of Beth – a fragment

Beth looked up at her roommate and admired Shannon’s well-defined body, still concealed beneath the thin material of her nightgown. Beth had noticed her roommate before – knew her to be a beautiful woman. But this was the first time that she ever really looked at her: the gentle curve of her throat and delicate, almost porcelain skin; the shape of her full breasts and slim waist; the sudden flare of her hips, and legs that went on forever. Beth’s heart fluttered, and she struggled to catch her breath.

Shannon knew what Beth was feeling, and at that moment, she decided to surrender herself to Beth. “I love you, Beth,” she said simply. “I always have.”

As she said the words, Shannon slipped out of her soft, pink nightgown and let it drop to the floor. Then slipped out of her delicate, white-lace panties. Completely nude, Shannon was like a statue, carved from living flesh.

“Oh my God,” Beth mumbled as she took in the sight of the naked woman. She couldn’t help but stare; Shannon was perfect. Slowly, Shannon stepped forward on dainty feet, like a Michelangelo sculpture come to life.

Beth was stunned. She had never been in a situation like this, especially with a woman who had just professed her love. She didn’t move, but Beth took deep breaths.

Shannon knelt to the floor, her breasts even with Beth’s eyes, and then leaned forward. She put her arms around Beth’s shoulders and brushed her nipples gently against her roommate’s face.

Beth moaned deep in her throat. She had never been with a woman before – never felt the soft caress of breasts against her face. She wanted to pull away, but something inside her held Beth in place.

Shannon’s put one finger under Beth’s chin and tipped her roommate’s face upward. “I’ll stop if you want,” she whispered, holding Beth’s eyes with her own. “I don’t want you to do anything you’re not ready for.” Shannon knew that could stop this if she wanted to. Turn her back on the moment and the delicate woman she had come to love.

Lifting both her hands, Beth grasped Shannon’s hand in her own, lacing her fingers with her roommate’s.

“I want this,” she whispered. “Until now, I never knew that I could care about another woman. But I know that I want you.”

A smile spread slowly across Shannon’s face as her fingers tightened their grip. Then she gathered her roommate in a an embrace and pushed her breasts harder against Beth’s cheeks.

“I think I want to kiss you, now,” Beth said, her voice low and quiet.

Unhurried, Shannon pulled back and then leaned over. She looked into Beth’s beautiful blue eyes. Outside, the wind whistled gently around the house, as Shannon parted her lips.

The Quick Seduction – a fragment

I kissed her on the cheek and giggled. “I love this place,” I said. “It’s beautiful. Thank you for bringing me here.”


Her mouth was open as she whispered my name, and I didn’t give her a chance to try to turn this moment into something sensible; I leaned forward quickly and kissed her open lips, letting my tongue slide into her mouth. At first, it was only my lips pressing against hers; she seemed too terrified to respond. But moments later, her arms encircled me, held me tightly and her own lips became passionate and demanding.

I knew then that she wanted me as much as I wanted her. I dropped to my knees, dragging her with me, kissing her deep and long, probing her mouth with my tongue. I put my fingers to her blouse and began to unbutton her shirt. I was determined not to let this moment escape us. I wanted to make wild, crazy love with this woman – to hear her cry out with pleasure.

I bit her her lips gently, sucking them into my mouth and let her pull my tongue into her mouth. Neither of us spoke, but I heard a low keening sound as she moaned.

My hand was inside her bra, squeezing her breasts, finding a nipple. And she, too, discarded her shyness: Her hands were under my skirt, stroking the smooth flesh of my thighs.

As I rolled her nipple between my thumb and first finger, I felt her finger slide under my panties. At that moment, I knew she was mine.

I pulled back and looked into her deep, blue eyes. Her hand trembled as she worked it toward my pubic mound. “Come closer,” I said, though very little space separated us.

She moved closer to me, and I helped her take off her shirt, and then reached around to unhook her bra.

“Raise your hips,” I said. She complied, and I reached under her skirt to removed her panties.

“Now, lay back.”

Vacation Arrest: A Tale of Humiliaton, Caning & Submission – released!

Vacation ArrestIt’s finished. The editing is done. The cover is complete. Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords have all listed my latest naughty work. It feels so good to be done! But no rest for the wicked; I need to start on my next work. I have plenty of ideas, and a couple of stories in the works … but nothing is yet firm.

Vacation Arrest is F/M/f/f and is definitely for Adults Only. The two Dominants are both law enforcement officers who take their jobs quite seriously. The subs are Kathleen and Lindsay – wayward women who are about to get a lesson of what can happen when not paying attention. Check out the excerpt:

Officer Reynolds pushed Katherine against the car with one hand, and then turned his attentions to Lindsay. The cop’s rough hands slid over Lindsay’s body despite her protests. She felt his rude fingers probing every inch of flesh – massaging, tweaking, pinching – all in the guise of looking for weapons. His breath was hot in Lindsay’s ear as he pressed close behind her, his hands running up and down her ribcage.

Beside them, Katherine moaned as she watched the officer search her friend. Handcuffs held Katherine’s hands behind her back, but she rubbed her body hard against the car. Outrage flooded Lindsay as the cop’s fingers probed some of her most sensitive areas, but at the same time, she felt a heat building in her belly. A groan escaped Lindsay’s lips when the officer wrapped his arm around her waist, and pressed hard against her flat stomach just below her breasts. Officer Reynolds’ fingers were splayed, and his hand slid down her stomach. Lindsay grunted and attempted to kick backward at the cop.

Officer Reynolds laughed. “No weapons,” he said, back away. “But we’ve still got attempted assault on a police officer combined with speeding and reckless driving.” The cop looked at both women as they leaned against the car. “You two just got yourselves a peck of trouble.

Vacation Arrest is available at Amazon, B&N and Smashwords, so now you can join these two women when take off on an all-expenses paid vacation across country, and then wind up on the wrong side of the law when they speed through the small town of Springton, Alabama. Katherine and Lindsay soon find out that justice is erotically different in the South, and the women have a choice: six months in jail, or accept whatever punishment local law enforcement decides upon. Enjoy Katherine’s and Lindsay’s sexy romp through humiliation, anal play, caning, and submission, when male and female officers teach these women a lesson in obediance!

Vacation Arrest: A Tale of Humiliation, Caning and Submission at Amazon US

Vacation Arrest: A Tale of Humiliation, Caning and Submission at Amazon UK

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