Heather’s Caning & Humiliation – an excerpt

This caning and humiliation excerpt is from one of the first stories caning stories that I wrote. Heather’s Caning and Humiliation is based on experiences from mine and Sophia’s past. It’s not all true, but there’s enough truth in the story to make my bottom burn.

An excerpt from Heather’s Caning & Humiliation

“Enough,” Sister Mary said. “I told you that you would receive the same punishment as any other student in school. Do you know how I punish boys in this school when they break the rules, Heather?”

Heather“Um. Not really…” Heather let her words trail off. She knew very well how the boys were punished, but Heather couldn’t be sure of what the nun was leading up to.

“I cane them,” Sister Mary said. “I cane them hard. So hard that the boys don’t break the rules again.” Sister Mary’s voice was firm. Her eyes were hard. “I haven’t had to cane a girl in this school yet, but I believe your offense to be the most severe I’ve seen. I believe a caning is what you need to bring you around.”

Heather almost screamed and nearly fell out of her chair. She gripped the seat hard. “No ma’am! Please!”

Sister Mary stood behind her desk and removed her habit. Underneath, the nun wore a simple black body stocking. Despite the nun’s age, her breasts were full and firm; and Heather could see that Sister Mary wasn’t wearing a bra. The nun’s nipples were hard and jutted against the thin material. Below her breasts, the nun’s waist was slender and her hips were an unspoken statement to slim beauty. Sister Mary had every right to wear the form fitting garment: Her body was perfect.

As Sister Mary walked to the cabinet at the side of the room, she spoke over her shoulder. “Excuse the disrobing, Heather,” she said. “I have no intention of anything untoward.” The nun opened the cabinet and selected a cane. The habit tends to get in the way of a good caning,” the nun said simply.

Heather still couldn’t believe it, and she was shaking in fear. Yet, at the same time, Heather was aroused. Though hidden by the body stocking, the nun’s slender form was plainly quite beautiful.

The nun turned and flexed the cane. It was thin, pliable and about four feet long.

“Ma’am, please no!” Heather burst out. “You can’t do this to me. I’m a girl!”

“Begging won’t do any good,” the nun said. “You’ve disrespected the school and your teachers. You’ve groped your girlfriend in my hallways. You’ve disobeyed rules that are at the core of this school. You will take your punishment.”

“But you can’t cane me!” Heather’s lips were quivering.

“I can, and I will.” The nun walked back to her desk. “Now come over here and take off your panties.”

“Oh my God,” Heather thought. “She’s really going to do it!”

“Now!” The nun’s voice was low and dangerous, and she flicked the cane toward the desk.

Heather got up slowly. As she did so, Heather hitched up her plaid skirt and began to pull down her panties. “Shoes and socks first,” Sister Mary said. “But don’t sit down again.” Heather stopped, her hands trembling on her panties, and then lifted her legs one at a time to untie her sneakers. It was awkward, and more than once, Heather flashed her panties. But they were coming off, too, so Heather didn’t try to cover herself.

“Come here,” Sister Mary said. “Put your panties on my desk and your shoes and socks on the floor.”

Heather did so, but she moved slowly as though in a daze.

“Now,” the nun said. “I’m will give you six strokes with this cane, and each and every one of them will be with all of my strength. The strokes will turn your ass a bright red, and your butt cheeks will feel as though they’re on fire.” Sister Mary reached out with her free hand and raised Heather’s face so she could look into her eyes. “If you move, or scream, that stroke doesn’t count.” Sister Mary gently touched the girl’s cheek. “Do you understand me?”

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