Amanda’s Bare-Bottom Spanking – an excerpt

“Yes, Sister.” Amanda’s lower lip trembled. “Please spank me.”

Sister Alice took in a quick breath and looked at the pleading girl. The nun had spanked a lot of girls in her time, both at the college and early on at the convent. But those spankings were more punishment than anything else. Sister Alice didn’t deny to herself the warm feelings that spanking a girl’s ass gave her. More than once, she’d spanked a girl and sent her on her way, then closed and locked the door to her office and then masturbated furiously.

Amanda's Bare-Bottom Spanking

Amanda’s Bare-Bottom Spanking

But never in her entire career had a girl begged to be spanked. It was a new experience for the nun, and she felt a fire in her belly like never before. She was hot for Amanda and hot for the spanking that she knew she was about to give this girl. This spanking, however, would not be like other spankings – cold and distant. This one, Sister Alice vowed to herself, would be different. Personal. The kind of spanking that one lover gives to another.

Because that’s how the nun saw Amanda. As Sister Alice gazed into the girl’s eyes, the nun saw something there that was almost feral, a ferocity that Sister Alice didn’t think the girl was aware of. The nun could see in Amanda’s eyes that she needed this spanking. Not because she was having impure thoughts. Amanda needed the spanking to give herself permission to have those thoughts. A spanking would allow Amanda to express everything she held so deeply in a free and open manner. Sister Alice knew in her gut that Amanda needed this punishment, and she needed it skin to skin: her bare hand against the girl’s bare bottom.

Sister Alice had spanked hundreds of behinds during her time with the Catholic Church. Normally, the nun made the girls prostrate themselves over her desk, gripping the edge with their fingertips, while she used a paddle on their backsides. Using her hand on the girls was out of the question. As a professional and as a member of the church, the nun needed to keep the punishment impersonal and non-sexual.

This was different. Sister Alice locked eyes with Amanda and motioned for her to get out of the chair. They didn’t speak to one another, but there was furious tension in the air. The two women circled each other as they swapped their positions: Sister Alice sat down, while Amanda stood upright. They stared into each other’s eyes as the nun hiked up her robes and gestured to Amanda to lie across her lap.

Amanda did not hesitate. She nearly threw herself across the nun’s lap, groaning a bit as the Sister’s knees pushed into her belly. Both women shifted until they were comfortable, and then Sister Alice wiggled her right leg until it was free of the girl. The nun maneuvered Amanda until she lay across her left leg so that she could lock Amanda’s legs down with her own right leg. This ensured that Amanda couldn’t kick too wildly and interfere with the spanking once it began. Sister Alice also crossed the girl’s arms behind her back and held her wrists to prevent Amanda from placing her hands in the way of the spanking. Sister Alice slowly lifted Amanda’s plaid skirt and paused to admire the girl’s cotton panties.

Neither of the women had yet spoken, but Amanda’s sharp intake of breath at the raising of her skirt had the quality of a plea – an unspoken demand to the nun to begin the spanking.

But Sister Alice took her time, tracing long fingernails up and down Amanda’s backside, as well as lightly tickling the girl’s legs. Amanda gasped out loud, and the nun smiled wickedly.

Still lingering, Sister Alice dragged down the girl’s panties, stopping at mid-thigh as Amanda’s legs were still locked under the nun’s leg. Only now did Sister Alice realize how hot Amanda was; she could smell the girl’s vagina, a strong womanly aroma.

Sister Alice licked her lips. “Are you ready, child?”

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  1. I ALWAYS need a spanking! I just read this excerpt and had to buy your e-book. Great buiid up!

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