Coming this Friday – Sorority Heat: A Tale of Revenge, Humiliation & Caning

I finished the novella, my dears! Now all I need to do is edit and create a suitable cover. Sorority Heat: A Tale of Revenge, Humiliation & Caning is the story of two young women who cross another sorority and end up violently punished for their misbehavior. It’s a tale of enemas, caning, figging and all kinds of the kinds of deviant behavior that I find delightful! Read below for a short excerpt of this work, guaranteed to capture your attention and fire your imagination.

Arlene frowned for a moment. “Have you ever whipped a girl, Claire?” she asked, walking around the table. “And I don’t mean those silly paddles,” she said. “I mean a proper caning!”

The Dominatrix took up a position behind Claire, towering over the sorority president in her stiletto heels. Shifting her own cane to her left hand, Arlene held Claire’s hand and pressed her pubic bone against the small of the young woman’s back.

“I-I don’t think so,” Claire stuttered. With the Dominatrix’s body so close to hers, Claire felt as thought she would swoon. Arlene’s scent and strength were overpowering, and Claire gasped sharply as the Dominatrix raised the hand she held the cane with high.

“It’s all in the wrist,” Arlene said, holding Claire’s hand high above her head. “No need for a death grip on the cane. A firm hold will do. And when you bring it down, snap the cane forward onto her ass cheeks.” Arlene paused for a moment. Around them, the group of sorority girls pressed in. Arlene noted that none were so close as to interfere with a full swing of the cane, yet she still glared at them. As a group, they shuffled backward a step.

Arlene bent forward and whispered loudly in Claire’s ear. “I’m sure Ally won’t mind a practice swing,” she said, licking the sorority president’s ear lobe. “After all. If this punishment is to count at all, it must be done correctly.” Arlene didn’t wait for Claire to think about what she’d said. Shifting her grip on the sorority president’s wrist, she brought the girl’s hand down sharply!


The blow took Ally by surprise, and she stood straight up, howling and rubbing her ass.

Sss-Crack! Sss-Crack!

Two quick strikes across the girl’s thighs had her screaming and crying! The half-circle of sorority sisters watching gasped in unison. A few pressed closer, but most kept their distance. Claire, who was tight in the Domina’s grip, had been part of those three strikes to Ally’s quivering flesh. Hand in hand, the two of them held the cane that struck both ass and thighs. Claire had felt the impact not only because hers was one of the hands that held the cane, but also because Arlene had thrust her latex-clad body against Claire for each of the three strikes on Ally.

“Down!” Arlene commanded. “Now!”

Ally danced from foot to foot for a moment longer, tears streaming down her face. Slowly, she moved back into position, her swaying breasts nearly knocking over the tea cups.

“Arms out!”

Trembling, Ally put her arms out again. “P-p-please,” she blubbered.

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3 responses to “Coming this Friday – Sorority Heat: A Tale of Revenge, Humiliation & Caning

  1. I’m so eager to read this!!!!

  2. Love this question! Do I need a spanking? Does the sun rise every morning? 😉 Looks like I’m going to have some busy reading once we get some money coming in. Everything looks so good!

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