Released: Sorority Heat: A Tale of Revenge, Humiliation & Caning &

The story, my pets, is finished. Live on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and All Romance. Here’s another excerpt to whet your appetites.

When the cane whooshed through the air, it ended with a sharp smack across dominatrix in black leather corset with riding cropthe Beth’s buttocks. And Arlene had put every ounce of her strength into the swing! A split-second later, Claire’s cane landed on Ally’s ass, and the smack was almost like an echo of the first.

Sss-Crack! Sss-Crack!

The cane lashed across Ally’s buttocks, crossing the first strike. It was so severe, that at first the shock of the ferocious impact deadened any pain Ally might have felt. But seconds later, a fire seemed to spread out from where the cane had struck the girl’s backside, as well as turning inward to her rectum. And the flame didn’t diminish after a few seconds, but instead it shot straight up into Ally’s spine. She howled at that strike, shifting from foot to foot, sobbing miserably.

Across the table, Beth’s eyes snapped open when she took the impact of Arlene’s cane across her ass. Beth bit her lip to keep from crying out, though she, too, felt the fire of the ginger root in her ass.

“Count it,” Arlene said calmly.

Beth whimpered and struggled not to move. The tea bags dangled and bobbed in the tea cups below her cone-shaped breasts. “One, Mistress!” Her voice was choked with tears.

Ally cried and swayed dangerously above her own cups. Her heavy breasts were just inches away. “One, Mistress!” she echoed.

Arlene raised her cane again, watching with admiration as Claire followed her every move. There was a twin whistling as both descended.

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