Sophia’s Caning – a fragment

Sophia took a deep breath. Her Mistress was angry, and this would only be settled by a caning. Already naked, Sophia stepped up to the wooden spanking chair. She bent over the back of the chair and gripped the seat firmly.

Momentarily distracted, Alice admired the sight of her girlfriend bent over the back chair. The smooth caramel brown of her unprotected bottom was a delicious sight. Sophia kept her legs tightly closed in anticipation of the caning.

“Spread your legs shoulder width apart.” Though Alice spoke the command softly, there was steel in her whisper.

Sophia looked back as she shuffled her feet wide. She could see Alice’s legs, sheathed in the palest of nylon. Next to the legs, she saw Alice’s hand holding the cane. “It’s really going to happen,” Sophia thought, blinking rapidly to avoid shedding tears.

Suddenly, the cane vanished from her backward view. Sophia squeezed the edge of the chair seat tightly and shut her eyes. The cane tapped lightly across her bottom, tracing the flesh on her buttocks. Sophia’s muscles tensed. The cane rose, then hissed when it came down, cutting the air with an angry stroke.


The first impact landed across the center of Sophia’s stretched bottom. She gasped at the sudden sting and her whole body spasmed. Sophia raised up on her toes and wiggled her cute behind.


The second stroke landed about three inches below the red mark left by the first impact, across the top of Sophia’s thighs. Alice’s plan was that the first two strokes would act as boundaries. She intended to land all ten subsequent strokes between the the first two, thereby producing a throbbing welt of pain that would prevent Sophia from sitting comfortably for rest of the night.

2 responses to “Sophia’s Caning – a fragment

  1. Very nicely written. Scorching in more ways than one! 😉

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