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A Much Needed Break – Flash Fiction

Sophia in her Leather Harness

Sophia likes Leather

Sophia came into my writing room with a nasty grin on her face and her hands behind her back. “The front door is locked,” she said. “The shades are drawn, and I’ve taken the batteries of out both of our cell phones.” Sophia licked her lips and gave me a wicked wink.

“What are you up to?” I was suspicious. It was the middle of the day, and I was working on a new spanking story. Sophia had that naughty look – like she was up to no good. I like that look, but it frequently takes us places that are hot and steamy, if you know what I mean.

“I’ve got something I want you to try,” Sophia said, bringing her hands out from behind her back. She chuckled, and dropped a dildo on the writing desk between us. There was a soft thud as it struck the wooden surface. Slowly, I stood up and stared at the huge phallus. It was monstrous – at least nine inches long and half the diameter of my wrist. And it wasn’t one of those silly, purple-sparkly things. This fake cock looked real; hard and veiny, with a little switch at the bottom. Most times, Sophia and I just played with one another: a little spanking; a bit of scissors; and some good old-fashioned 69. Dildoes didn’t really hold a lot of interest for either of us. But as I looked at this little monster, I shivered and wondered what it would be like to ride it, to feel the fake cock throbbing deep inside of my pussy.

Sophia nudged the phallus toward me with her fingertip. “Come on, Alice.” She licked her lips again. “You know you want to give it a try.”

I felt like I was in a daze as I slipped my shoes off. Sophia was right; I wanted to try this. It had been a long time since I’d had anything that large in my cunt. I pulled my skirt up and held the edge of the fabric with my teeth while I removed my panties. Thinking back to what Sophia said about the locked doors and shaded windows, I eased myself onto my writing desk, scattering papers and shoving the laptop to one side. Then, to make sure that Sophia had a good view, I pulled my skirt up around my waist and tucked the edges into the waistband.

“Give it to me.” My voice dropped to a whisper. Sophia handed me the face cock, and then leaned on the desk as I pressed it against the lips of my pussy. I was already wet thinking about the phallus and knowing that Sophia was watching my every move. I eased the dildo into my pussy just an inch, and then withdrew the glistening rubber cock. It was slick with my moisture, and I ached for more. I eased it in again, a little further this time, only to pull the cock out again. I took my time in accepting the full length and enjoyed Sophia’s hot gaze as she watched me work the dildo into my quim.

When the cock was fully inserted, Sophia smiled. “That switch at the bottom will do wonderful things to the dildo,” she said. “Give it a flick when you’re ready.”

I nodded, but I didnt’ turn it on right away. Instead, I pulled and pushed the full length in and out of my pussy slowly. My eyes were half closed, but I could see Sophia as she leaned closer over the desk. I picked up the pace – faster and faster, my arousal rising with every thrust. The fake cock filled me, and it felt so fucking good. Really good.

Finally, I gasped and whispered to Sophia: “Turn it on for me. Please.”

Through slitted eyes, I watched as she moved her hand down the skin of my thighs, sending a shiver through my body. She toyed with the switch, played with my hand, as I pushed the dildo in and out. And then, she flipped the toggle switch at the bottom of this mini-monster, and it began to vibrate. But it was more than a simple vibrator. An off-center rod inside the cock began to turn and I threw my head back and howled with pleasure as jolts of pure ecstasy shot through my body. Sophia ran her hands up my thighs, stroking my skin lightly with her sharp fingernails. It was like little electric jolts on my skin, timed almost perfectly to the throbbing cock.

Then Sophia stepped around the table so that she could unbutton my blouse and slip it off one shoulder. I didn’t want to stop, but Sophia grabbed the dildo with her free hand so that I could shiver my way out of blouse. My bra followed a moment later.

I took control of the cock again as Sophia turned her attention to my skirt. It was a lovely plaid, with buttons running the full length of one side. Sophia took her time with the buttons, but eventually, I was free of all of by clothing.

“Very nice.” Sophia said. “You look delicious.”

I hadn’t slowed my rhythm with the dildo, even though it was a little embarrassing to be naked and impaled on a vibrator while Sophia watched. She cupped my tits in her hands and ran her thumbs over my erect nipples, tweaking them, and I whimpered with pleasure. It was early spring, and my office was cold, yet I managed to work up a sweat.

I had my first orgasm within minutes. Others followed rapidly while I whimpered and moaned and then, finally, I threw my head back and screamed with pleasure. Sophia laughed low in her throat and bent to lick the sweat from my belly. I caught her eye and whispered, “Please, turn it off. I can’t take any more right now.”

Sophia reached between my legs and snapped the toggle to the off position. I eased the cock out of myself and lay back on my desk.

Sophia stroked my thighs and whispered. “Do you feel better?”

I nodded and leaned my head up. “Yes. Oh, hell, yes!” I stared down at her black hair as she pressed her cool face against my stomach.

“Then it’s time to get back to the spanking,” she murmured against my flesh.

Sophia and the Birch Rod – a fragment

“I’m unhappy with you, Sophia. Very disappointed.” My voice was low and soft. “I thought you knew better,” I said, as I continued to pinch and roll her nipple between my fingers. Sophia was naked from the waist up, and standing in her corner with her hands behind her head. “I have a special punishment for a young woman who won’t follow directions.”

Taking her by the shoulders, I turned Sophia until she faced the corner and admired my girlfriend’s perfect bottom. Even though it was still covered by the plaid skirt that I’d instructed her to wear, I could see the plump fullness of Sophia’s butt cheeks pressed against the fabric.

I wasted no time in flicking the end of my birch rod under Sophia’s skirt and flipping it up. She shuddered as the rod touched her legs, and I smiled at the brief flicker of her panties. There it was: a robust and plump little ass straining against her cotton underpants.

This time, I used my fingers to raise the tail of her skirt slowly and then tuck it into the thick, leather waist band. Sophia trembled, but said nothing.

Sophia’s white cotton panties were strained with the plump fullness of her bottom. Touching the tip of my tongue to my lips, I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slowly lowered the  material, watching her flesh compress and then roll out from under the descending material. I took a slow breath and my heart pounded when Sophia’s perfect ass was completely bare to my view.

I took a step back and admired my lovely girlfriend: Sophia, trembling with her hands behind her head, naked from the waist up; her plaid skirt bunched around her waist; her firm bottom, plump and beautiful. God, how I loved my girlfriend’s plump, brown ass.

Sophia’s legs trembled slightly as I stroked the slight heaviness of her chubby bottom. Pressing harder, I bounced her ass cheeks up and down in the palm of my hand. I loved that jiggle, cause my baby most assuredly has back!

Kneeling, I put my lips to the brown expanse of her bottom cheeks, savoring the delicious feel and taste of her warm flesh. Then, I pulled my head back and stood up. I would have more time to enjoy her flesh later – studying and mapping every inch with my mouth, my tongue, my lips. But first, Sophia would be whipped – a lesson she deserved, designed to ensure her compliance in future demands.

“Come to the table, Sophia.” I gestured with the birch rod.

Sophia turned. She was hesitant and kept her eyes low.

“Quickly, now!”

Still with her hands behind her head, Sophia stepped lightly to the table. I didn’t have to give the next command; Sophia knew what was expected. She leaned over the table, and then stretched forward with her hands, gripping the far side.

Sophia’s bottom cheeks tightened as she pulled at the table, standing on tip-toe. From the floor, I retrieved Sophia’s panties, while swishing the whippy birch rod through the air with the other.

“You won’t make a sound, my pet.” I wadded the panties, and then leaned over the table to push them into her mouth. Sophia opened her lips without protest.

“If spit those panties out, I’ll give you 10 more strokes.” I smiled and touched the tip of the rod to Sophia’s upturned cheeks. “Do you understand me, Sophia?”

She nodded silently, her eyes wide with expectation.

I took a step back, and stood to the right of Sophia so that she could see me out of the corner of her eye. Raising my arm, I brought the whippy birch rod up sharply, and then with a sideways motion, I delivered a fine stroke, low across Sophia’s strained ass cheeks.


The rod blazed a bright red strip across the Sophia’s flesh, low, where her upper legs swell into her bottom. Sophia pulled hard against the end of the table, her black hair a flurry as she whipped her head up. She moaned into the makeshift gag, but didn’t let go of the table.

I stepped forward, my eyes on Sophia’s beautiful, brown bottom cheeks; they were tense and shivering.

“Keep your ass high, Sophia.” I licked my lips and raised the rod again. “Only 11 strokes to go.”

Bad Girl in Atlantic City – an excerpt

Selena suffers painful consequences when she leaves a hotel without her counselor’s permission, and then lies about where she went. Not only is the 19-year-old girl spanked for her misbehavior – she learns about “figging” firsthand when Ms. Wild inserts ginger root into Selena’s bunghole prior to delivering a hot spanking to the girl’s bare butt. Don’t miss this erotic F/f tale of spanking, domination when Natasha Wild teaches a bad girl to behave when she’s in Atlantic City. This tale is graphic in nature and is meant for adults only. All characters depicted are 19 or older. Enjoy this excerpt!

And then almost as suddenly as Natasha had started the spanking, she stopped.

Selena realized that with the flurry of spankings, Natasha had stopped talking. “Did she ask me a question?” Selena panicked. “I didn’t hear what she said!” Through her tears, Selena tried to ask a question, but a hand to her back stopped the girl.

Bad Girl in Atlantic City: A Spanking Adventure

Bad Girl in Atlantic City: A Spanking Adventure

“We’re not done yet, Selena,” Natasha said cooly. “I want to make sure that you understand how I feel about lying.” Natasha repositioned the sobbing girl, raising Selena’s bottom even more prominently by placing another pillow under her hips. “Atlantic City can be a dangerous place, Selena. Something could’ve happened to you, and I wouldn’t have known anything about it until it was too late.” Natasha put a hand to Selena’s hot bottom and twisted the ginger root inside the girl. Selena responded by pushing her pubis into the pillow. Sobs choked her throat, and she moaned. “That you went off and skipped the conference is bad enough,” Natasha said. “I’m disappointed in your choices. But this is a Young Woman’s Leadership Conference. You’re here because you’re supposed to be a leader – a role model to the other girls. Skipping out on the sessions was unacceptable, and then you lied about it. Do you understand what I’m saying, Selena?”

Selena turned her head slightly. She nodded. “Yes, Ms. Wild.” Her voice was small, and a little saliva dribbled from Selena’s mouth.

“I’m glad we understand each other,” Natasha said. “Now let me add this up: you missed seven lectures today, and encouraged another young lady to do the same.”

Selena’s eyes widened. She wanted to protest: It was Amy who had pushed her into skipping the sessions! Selena opened her mouth to speak and then saw the look in Natasha’s icy-blue eyes. Explanations would do no good.

“I think one hard smack for each of the missed sessions, and three more for encouraging Amy to go with you will finish this punishment.” Natasha twisted the ginger root, and a fresh burn coursed through Selena. “Do you agree?”

Selena twisted her head around and looked over at the bed. “Oh, my gosh,” she realized. “The hairbrush!” It was gone from from it’s place on the bed, and Selena knew that her counselor held it high above her bottom.

Selena put her head back down on the bed and bit tightly into the wash rag, steeling herself for the hot smacks that were about to rain down on her bottom. “Yes, Ms. Wild,” she mumbled.

“Ten more then, Selena, and then we’re done.” Natasha stroked the girl’s bottom lightly with her fingertips and watched Selena shiver at her touch. “But this is different. This time, I want you to count.” Suddenly, Selena felt something cool and hard press against her hot, sore bottom. Before she could think, Natasha brought it down with full force on her already tender cheeks.

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Evie’s New Body – Work in Progress, second excerpt

This is the second excerpt from my current work in progress – Evie’s New Body. It’s a story about a Texas woman who finds a strange gem that allows her to project her consciousness while she dreams. Imagine, my pets: What would you do if you could set your consciousness free to roam the land?

Evie’s New Body – second excerpt

The hot shower was just what Evie needed to unwind after a long day at the warehouse. Her muscles ached from lifting and toting the heavy crates, but the warmth of the water raining down on her flesh was just what she needed to unwind. Slipping on a sheer, blue nightgown, Evie padded across her bedroom to her queen-sized bed. “A quick nap,” she thought, “and then maybe I’ll go out tonight.” Evie closed her eyes and was asleep in moments.


After what seemed to be several hours, Evie’s eyes rolled open. Disoriented, she stared at the ceiling for a moment, and then smiled. Evie felt great, better than she had in a long time. Her muscles were no longer sore, and the few hours of shuteye had apparently revitalized Evie. She nearly leaped out of bed and shook back her long, blond hair.

“Damn,” she muttered to herself. “That’s the best I’ve slept had in years!” Smiling, Evie made her way to the kitchen. She didn’t bother to get dressed. The sheer, blue nightie was revealing, but there was no one around to see her stride nearly naked to the refrigerator. “Maybe I’ll go to the club,” Evie thought to herself, as she reached for the refrigerator door handle. “Maybe I’ll – What the fuck?

Evie’s musing were cut off in mid-thought when her hand passed cleanly through the handle of the refrigerator. “Holy shit!” Evie tried again to grab the refrigerator handle, and once again her hand passed through the slick metal. “Goddamnit!”

Evie was terrified. “What the fuck is happening?” No matter how hard she tried, Evie couldn’t get her fingers to grasp the door handle. Each time she tried, Evie’s fingers slipped through the metal. Evie tried different grips, different pressures. She tried one-handed and two-handed. And despite a stream of obscenities aimed at making her fingers work, Evie couldn’t open the refrigerator.

“Jesus Fucking Christ,” she murmured, looking at her hands. They seemed solid enough. Shaking her head, Evie turned and went back to her bedroom. Head down and staring at her fingers, Evie didn’t notice that she missed her bedroom doorway by about a foot. She was too busy mumbling to herself to realize that half of her body passed cleanly through the door-jamb. Only after she was in her room did Evie raise her head and look around.

“Oh, shit!” Evie was standing half-in and half-out of her dresser, and her face was even with the top of the bureau. An odd purple-green glow illuminated the room, and the source of that glow was just below Evie’s chin.

“What the fuck is that?” The gem was no bigger than her thumb, and it was like nothing she had ever seen. The stone was cut and had about a dozen facets. Were it a diamond, the stone would have been priceless, if only for its bizarre coloration. But it wasn’t a diamond, and didn’t have the deep red of a ruby, nor the blue of a sapphire. “Jesus,” Evie murmured, raising her index finger to nudge the stone. She fully expected her finger to pass through the gem, like it had the refrigerator, and so she was startled when her fingernail tapped the stone’s glassy finish. “Goddamn!” Obscenities seemed to be the only way Evie could describe her amazement: Here she was, standing half-in and half-out of a dresser, unable to touch anything but her own body and this oddly colored gemstone. “This is fucking weird!”

And that’s when things really got strange, for in that moment, Evie looked up at her bed.

“Oh. My. God.” Each word slipped out of her mouth slowly and softly: On the bed, was Evie’s body, crumpled in a wad of sheets. “Am I dead?” As her still form lay on the bed, Evie’s eyes were closed, and she was curled into a fetus position. Slowly, Evie approached the still form snarled in the sheets on her bed. Her hands were clenched in a tight fist, just above her breasts. “Is this what dead is?”

The form on the bed groaned and rolled over. Evie gasped and clutched her hands tighter into a double fist. “Not dead?” The figure on the bed moaned again and pulled both of her hands up below her chin, mimicking Evie’s tightly clenched fists.

Evie froze. Her eyes slid sideways to her cell phone. The numerical on the phone’s face read 3:00 p.m. – less than a half-an-hour had passed since she laid down for a nap. “If it’s the same goddamn day…” She let the thought trail off in her mind. Behind Evie, the purple-green glow intensified, bathing the woman on the bed in its light. Evie turned and considered the gemstone. Thoughts began to click in her mind: 30 minutes had passed since Evie laid down for a nap; she could touch nothing but herself and the gem; her body was still in the bed, very much alive.

“I’m dreaming!” Evie said out loud. “I’m having a fucking dream!”

Holding her hands up, Evie examined them for the telltale signs of a dream. But her fingers didn’t waver. They didn’t slip into transparency. The room didn’t suddenly shift.

“Not dreaming?” she wondered. “But if I’m not dreaming…”

Evie didn’t finish the thought. Not dead and not dreaming could mean any number of things, and Evie fought to keep the word coma from her mind. “It’s got to be something else,” she said out loud. “Something about that damned stone.” As she thought about the gem, the glow intensified, as if it was acknowledging her ramblings. “The stone,” she said to herself. “I can touch it.” Evie padded across the floor, noting that her bare feet seemed to glide across the hardwood floor. She stopped in front of the bureau. “It’s you,” she said, as though the stone could understand her words. “You’re doing this to me.”

The glow dimmed to a gentler fire as Evie approached. She put out a tentative finger and touched the stone again. It was warm and seemed to pulse with its own light; in some ways, the stone was almost alive. Evie closed her fingers around the gemstone, noting that her fingers passed cleanly through the bureau top as she clenched the gem in her hand. The glow winked out, and the room was suddenly bathed in the yellow light of the late afternoon sun.

“Not a coma. Not a dream.” Evie held her closed hand close to her face. “This is something more.”

That’s all for now, my pets. I’m still working on this story. I have some really fun kinks to iron out, but I promise fun for all!

Natalie Gets a Spanking – #SatSpankings

Natalie Gets a Spanking

“How do they punish thieves at your college?” Alex asked. “Do they have any stringent methods of making today’s young people obey?”

Natalie paused in her effusive promises, her open and her own eyes wide. There was something in Alex’s voice. “I don’t know, Mr. Drummond,” she said. “I would think the school expels them.”

Alex smiled and showed his teeth. “Oh, I’m sure they must have other remedies. Too many rich kids at that school to expel them willy-nilly.”

Normally, Natalie would have giggled at Alex’s odd choice of words. Willy-nilly was such an out-of-date and silly phrase. But then, even though he was a young man, Alex was old-fashioned – both in his dress and in his thoughts. As Natalie realized this, a horrible thought occurred to her. “You don’t mean…” She swallowed and allowed her voice to trail off.
“Mean what, Natalie?”

“I mean, no, you couldn’t mean…” Natalie paused, and then rushed on: “You don’t mean a spanking?”

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