Evie’s New Body – work in progress

This is an excerpt from my latest story – Evie’s New Body. It’s a story about a Texas woman who finds a strange gem that allows her to project her consciousness while she dreams. Imagine, my pets: What would you do if you could set your consciousness free to roam the land?

Evie’s New Body

It was an odd twinkling. A purple-green glitter at the bottom of a straw-filled box shipped to the warehouse from somewhere in the Orient. And while twinkling stone caught her eye, Evie’s conscious mind didn’t register the strange gem. Without realizing it, she picked up the bit of glitter and stuffed it into her pocket.

It was early afternoon when Evie got home from work, and the sun was still high in the sky, roasting the town of Corlene, Texas till it shimmered in the midday light. Evie started her day like she did most others – rising at 4 a.m., and arriving at the Dillon Warehouse just outside of town, well ahead of sunrise. She spent the early morning hours of the day unloading freight from delivery trucks, sent to the warehouse from around the world. Later in the morning, when the last truck was unloaded, Evie sorted through the boxes received, identifying each of the items packed carefully inside. Depending upon the merchandise, she marked the items for different stores somewhere in Corlene, or elsewhere in Texas. Many of the rare artifacts were even shipped out of state. The Dillon Warehouse was known among importers of fine and unusual goods to stock some of the most unusual items in the world. Every boutique from New York to California stood in line to order items from Dillon’s to stock their stores.

But even though the warehouse dealt strictly in high-end items from exotic locations, such as Kathmandu and Machu Picchu, someone had to do the drudge work of unloading trucks and then taking a careful inventory of the items that were delivered. That was Evie’s job. She was a big girl – as pretty as she was smart and strong. At 28 years old, Evie stood nearly six feet tall and wore her shoulder length blond hair in a braided ponytail that nearly reached the middle of her broad back. She was pretty enough to be a model, with green eyes and a sprinkling of girlish freckles across her nose and cheeks. Evie’s body was well muscled from years of unloading trucks and weekends spent swimming in local ponds and lakes. Evie had never liked dresses and she stopped wearing them as soon as she graduated from high school and left home to start her own life. A tomboy all her life, Evie was aggressive and highly competitive.

She was also a self-professed bisexual, though truth be told, Evie preferred girls to boys. Most women that she went out with had soft bodies and full lips, narrow waists and wide hips. Evie liked her women to be girly, as much as she liked to be tough. When Evie did go out with a man, she wanted him to be strong, with a long cock and a big, barrel chest. Evie liked her men muscled and hard; and when she was in the mood for a good fucking, she wanted a man who could go for hours – not some pipsqueak who popped his load in 10 minutes, and then rolled over for some shuteye.

Evie believed that life should be lived to extremes. She demanded that the women and men in her life represent those extremes – girly-girls and manly-men.

Living in Texas, however, made it difficult for Evie to find the girl of her dreams. As part of the Deep South, the self-righteous folks of Corlene tended to frown on lesbians and gay men. As a rule, girls that fucked girls – or boys who sucked cock – were ostracized by a large majority of the population. Lesbians may have been the current vogue on broadcast television, but in real life, the citizens of Corlene would just as soon herd every gay and lesbian out of town and send them packing north, where they could fuck Yankee liberals.

That made it tough on Evie’s love life. She would fuck a man every now and then, just to satisfy the yearning ache in her loins. But she what she really wanted was a girl – a girl like Christie Monroe.

“Mmm.” Evie moaned low in her throat when she thought about Christie. “She is too fine a woman to be dating that dickweed she’s going out with.” Evie mumbled the words to herself as she pulled her t-shirt over her head and got ready to take a shower. “He’s such an asshole,” Evie muttered. “I can’t believe she hasn’t realized that by now.” Evie emptied the pockets of her jeans before stripping off her vintage 501s. Without looking at the contents of her pocket, she scattered change, keys and odd bits of debris on the top of her bureau and then stepped inside the bathroom. Wearing only cotton panties and a lacy white bra, Evie addressed her reflection in the bathroom mirror.

“Dan is such a fuckhead,” she said, reaching behind her back one-handed to unsnap her bra. “He’s an arrogant asshole who’s still fucking half the girls in Corlene, and Christie hasn’t figured it out yet.” Evie dropped her bra on the floor and admired her full breasts in the mirror. “That girl needs some of these,” she said, cupping her breasts, as though offering them to her own reflection. “She needs a real woman.” Evie caressed her breasts, and then slid her hands down her smooth, muscled waist to hook her thumbs in the waistband of her panties. Bending forward slightly, she removed the cotton panties, admiring the gentle sway of her breasts in the mirror.

“I need to fuck that girl,” she murmured, tracing the curves of her own soft flesh. “I just wish I could figure out a way to get her away from that asshole.”

Evie twisted the handle for the shower, running the water until it was steamy. Behind her, the stone she had carelessly left in her bedroom began to glow.

That’s all for now, my pets. I’m still working on this story. I have some kinks to iron out, but I promise fun for all!

4 responses to “Evie’s New Body – work in progress

  1. Sounds intriguing. 🙂 F/F yummy. 🙂

  2. Oh? With a twist? Hmm, interesting. I will do an Amazon review on your last book, tomorrow. Please don’t let me forget!

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