Evie’s New Body – Work in Progress, second excerpt

This is the second excerpt from my current work in progress – Evie’s New Body. It’s a story about a Texas woman who finds a strange gem that allows her to project her consciousness while she dreams. Imagine, my pets: What would you do if you could set your consciousness free to roam the land?

Evie’s New Body – second excerpt

The hot shower was just what Evie needed to unwind after a long day at the warehouse. Her muscles ached from lifting and toting the heavy crates, but the warmth of the water raining down on her flesh was just what she needed to unwind. Slipping on a sheer, blue nightgown, Evie padded across her bedroom to her queen-sized bed. “A quick nap,” she thought, “and then maybe I’ll go out tonight.” Evie closed her eyes and was asleep in moments.


After what seemed to be several hours, Evie’s eyes rolled open. Disoriented, she stared at the ceiling for a moment, and then smiled. Evie felt great, better than she had in a long time. Her muscles were no longer sore, and the few hours of shuteye had apparently revitalized Evie. She nearly leaped out of bed and shook back her long, blond hair.

“Damn,” she muttered to herself. “That’s the best I’ve slept had in years!” Smiling, Evie made her way to the kitchen. She didn’t bother to get dressed. The sheer, blue nightie was revealing, but there was no one around to see her stride nearly naked to the refrigerator. “Maybe I’ll go to the club,” Evie thought to herself, as she reached for the refrigerator door handle. “Maybe I’ll – What the fuck?

Evie’s musing were cut off in mid-thought when her hand passed cleanly through the handle of the refrigerator. “Holy shit!” Evie tried again to grab the refrigerator handle, and once again her hand passed through the slick metal. “Goddamnit!”

Evie was terrified. “What the fuck is happening?” No matter how hard she tried, Evie couldn’t get her fingers to grasp the door handle. Each time she tried, Evie’s fingers slipped through the metal. Evie tried different grips, different pressures. She tried one-handed and two-handed. And despite a stream of obscenities aimed at making her fingers work, Evie couldn’t open the refrigerator.

“Jesus Fucking Christ,” she murmured, looking at her hands. They seemed solid enough. Shaking her head, Evie turned and went back to her bedroom. Head down and staring at her fingers, Evie didn’t notice that she missed her bedroom doorway by about a foot. She was too busy mumbling to herself to realize that half of her body passed cleanly through the door-jamb. Only after she was in her room did Evie raise her head and look around.

“Oh, shit!” Evie was standing half-in and half-out of her dresser, and her face was even with the top of the bureau. An odd purple-green glow illuminated the room, and the source of that glow was just below Evie’s chin.

“What the fuck is that?” The gem was no bigger than her thumb, and it was like nothing she had ever seen. The stone was cut and had about a dozen facets. Were it a diamond, the stone would have been priceless, if only for its bizarre coloration. But it wasn’t a diamond, and didn’t have the deep red of a ruby, nor the blue of a sapphire. “Jesus,” Evie murmured, raising her index finger to nudge the stone. She fully expected her finger to pass through the gem, like it had the refrigerator, and so she was startled when her fingernail tapped the stone’s glassy finish. “Goddamn!” Obscenities seemed to be the only way Evie could describe her amazement: Here she was, standing half-in and half-out of a dresser, unable to touch anything but her own body and this oddly colored gemstone. “This is fucking weird!”

And that’s when things really got strange, for in that moment, Evie looked up at her bed.

“Oh. My. God.” Each word slipped out of her mouth slowly and softly: On the bed, was Evie’s body, crumpled in a wad of sheets. “Am I dead?” As her still form lay on the bed, Evie’s eyes were closed, and she was curled into a fetus position. Slowly, Evie approached the still form snarled in the sheets on her bed. Her hands were clenched in a tight fist, just above her breasts. “Is this what dead is?”

The form on the bed groaned and rolled over. Evie gasped and clutched her hands tighter into a double fist. “Not dead?” The figure on the bed moaned again and pulled both of her hands up below her chin, mimicking Evie’s tightly clenched fists.

Evie froze. Her eyes slid sideways to her cell phone. The numerical on the phone’s face read 3:00 p.m. – less than a half-an-hour had passed since she laid down for a nap. “If it’s the same goddamn day…” She let the thought trail off in her mind. Behind Evie, the purple-green glow intensified, bathing the woman on the bed in its light. Evie turned and considered the gemstone. Thoughts began to click in her mind: 30 minutes had passed since Evie laid down for a nap; she could touch nothing but herself and the gem; her body was still in the bed, very much alive.

“I’m dreaming!” Evie said out loud. “I’m having a fucking dream!”

Holding her hands up, Evie examined them for the telltale signs of a dream. But her fingers didn’t waver. They didn’t slip into transparency. The room didn’t suddenly shift.

“Not dreaming?” she wondered. “But if I’m not dreaming…”

Evie didn’t finish the thought. Not dead and not dreaming could mean any number of things, and Evie fought to keep the word coma from her mind. “It’s got to be something else,” she said out loud. “Something about that damned stone.” As she thought about the gem, the glow intensified, as if it was acknowledging her ramblings. “The stone,” she said to herself. “I can touch it.” Evie padded across the floor, noting that her bare feet seemed to glide across the hardwood floor. She stopped in front of the bureau. “It’s you,” she said, as though the stone could understand her words. “You’re doing this to me.”

The glow dimmed to a gentler fire as Evie approached. She put out a tentative finger and touched the stone again. It was warm and seemed to pulse with its own light; in some ways, the stone was almost alive. Evie closed her fingers around the gemstone, noting that her fingers passed cleanly through the bureau top as she clenched the gem in her hand. The glow winked out, and the room was suddenly bathed in the yellow light of the late afternoon sun.

“Not a coma. Not a dream.” Evie held her closed hand close to her face. “This is something more.”

That’s all for now, my pets. I’m still working on this story. I have some really fun kinks to iron out, but I promise fun for all!

4 responses to “Evie’s New Body – Work in Progress, second excerpt

  1. Very intriguing. I love stuff like this!

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