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Bad Girl in Atlantic City #SatSpanks #SeductiveSnS #ASMSG

Bad Girl in Atlantic City: A Spanking Adventure

Bad Girl in Atlantic City: A Spanking Adventure

This is an excerpt from Bad Girl in Atlantic City – the story of two young women who duck out of a conference to have fun along the the city’s famous Boardwalk. Selena suffers painful consequences when she leaves a hotel without her counselor’s permission, and then lies about where she went. Not only is the 19-year-old girl spanked for her misbehavior – she learns about “figging” firsthand when Ms. Wild inserts ginger root into Selena’s bunghole prior to delivering a hot spanking to the girl’s bare butt. Don’t miss this erotic F/f tale of spanking, domination when Natasha Wild teaches a bad girl to behave when she’s in Atlantic City. This tale is graphic in nature and is meant for adults only. All characters depicted are 19 or older. In this snippet, the advisors discover the girls’ misbehavior.

“This will probably be our only chance at some peace and quiet without a dozen girls in tow,” Natasha said, laughing.

It was Bill who spotted the girls. He and Natasha were sitting inside a small pizza shop, sipping soda and sharing a small pie. Natasha’s back was to the window. Force of habit led Bill to choose a seat facing the door and broad picture window.

“Oh, hell,” he muttered, setting his slice of pizza down.

Natasha looked up. “What is it, Bill?”

“That’s one of my girls,” he said, nodding toward the window. “What the heck is Amy doing on the Boardwalk?”

Natasha turned around and saw a pretty, dark-haired girl strolling casually down the wooden walk. Another girl walked beside her, and as the twosome merrily walked along, they were apparently oblivious to their chaperones in the pizza parlor. “Shit,” Natasha murmured. “Sorry, Bill. Pardon the language, but that’s one of my girls with her.” She pointed at the other girl. “That’s Selena,” she said. “She’s a handful, but I never thought she would skip out of the conference.”

Bill scowled and crumpled a napkin between his fingers. He was normally easy going, quiet and not given to anger. “When I get my hands on Amy,” he said, “she won’t be able to sit down again until we get back to Michigan.”

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Diana Street, Spanking Detective – Work in Progress

I’ve started my next story, my pets, and this time, I think I want to write a spanking mystery. Yep. I love mysteries, and I love strong, female detectives. Here’s the opening of the story. I’ve still a long ways to go, but feel free to tell me what you think! –AD

Alice Dark and Spanking Detective: The Case of the Killer Heels

Spanking Detective: The Case of the Killer Heels

I leaned back in my chair, closed my eyes and listened the spatter of rain rapping against my office window. It was a gloomy Monday morning: steel-gray clouds hunkered low over the city, and people wandered the streets like mushrooms under black umbrellas. It was a miserable day – cold, wet and dismal. Yet, I was in a good mood. I had a new secretary, and she didn’t know any of the rules. I’d already spanked her once today. And I was sure that Mona would earn several more butt-warmings before the week was out.

There’s no better way to start the day than with some OTK on a pretty girl in a tight skirt. Maybe later, I’d have her take that skirt off prior to the spanking. But this time, I let Mona keep her dignity – and clothing – for her punishment. She wailed and kicked her legs throughout the spanking, promising me that she would do better next time.

I smiled and put my hands behind my head. Everybody breaks my rules sooner or later. And that meant that there would definitely be a next time for spanking Mona’s ass.

A sudden rap at my office door broke my reverie. The door creaked open, and Mona leaned halfway through the opening.

“Excuse me, Ms. Street?”

As she said my name, Mona blushed deeply. She was wearing a low-cut, cashmere sweater and the red flush went from from her face to the tops of her lovely, full breasts. I knew that Mona remembered her spanking – balanced on my lap, hands and feet barely touching the floor.

“Diana,” I said sharply, opening my eyes and leaning forward. “I don’t like that Miz crap. Call me by my first name, or we’ll have a repeat of this morning’s performance.”

“Yes, Ms. I mean, ma’am.” Mona blushed a brighter red. She was flustered and pretty, nearly gasping for breath. “I mean, Diana!” Mona bobbed her head, her blond, shoulder-length curls shaking. “Y-you have a client, a Mrs. Ruby Lauren.”

“Well, don’t just stand there babbling, girl,” I snapped, enjoying Mona’s embarrassment. I would spank her again today. Of that, I was sure. “Send her in!”

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Heather Cheated – a fragment

Sondra stood slowly as my words of betrayal sank in. My girlfriend narrowed her eyes and held up one hand. “You know that I have no choice but to punish you for what you’ve done.” Her voice was low and dangerous.

I nodded. My transgression would not be tolerated. I knew that. My bottom lip trembled, and I whispered: “Yes.”

With that, Sondra unbuckled her belt and slid it slowly through the loops of her jeans. That’s when it became very clear that I was in for more than a simple spanking.

“Wait,” I said, my voice rising. “You’re not going to use…” I couldn’t finish the words. “Oh God, Sondra. Please tell me-” My voice choked again, and I couldn’t continue.

“Yes,” she said simply. “You’ve left me with no other choice. You cheated,” she said, folding her belt to make a loop. “And you lied about it.” Sondra snapped the belt, and the leather popped sharply. “I’m going to make sure you understand the consequences for you actions, and that you never do this again.”

“But,” I cried softly, “I won’t do it again.”

“I know you won’t, Heather,” she said. “But I have to do this. Now stand up.”

“No,” I pleaded. “Please, Sondra, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” I began to cry, and the whipping hadn’t even begun.

My pleas fell on deaf ears. “Stand up,” she said again.

“Please, Sondra. I’m so sorry, but at least I told you!” Tears blurred my eyes, yet I could see my girlfriend’s anger.

“Heather,” she said firmly, “I will not ask you again.”

I scrubbed at my face, smearing tears across my cheeks and stood up reluctantly. In her anger, Sondra seemed much taller than me. She approached slowly and turned me around to face the wall. “Pull down your pants, Heather.”

I almost choked on the realization that this was really about to happen. “Please, Sondra.”

Her reply was terse. “If you don’t do it, I will.”

The threat was enough to make me blush, and I didn’t want Sondra to have to strip off my clothes. I unsnapped my jeans and slid them down my legs, leaving them in a blue wad on the floor. My white cotton panties were all that protected my bottom.

“Heather, I trusted you,” Sondra said, and I wanted to look over my shoulder at her. “I was certain that if anyone could resist temptation, it would be you.” I shuddered at her disappointment; and I knew that I’d hurt Sondra deeply. “You proved me wrong, Heather, and you broke my trust.” Sondra caressed my back, and I leaned forward till my forehead was against the cold wall. “You’ve told me the truth,” she said, “but you’re going to have to build my trust in you all over again, because I don’t trust you anymore.”

Her words were like a gut-punch, and I begun shivering with the tears that streamed down my face. Guilt spread throughout my body and I felt horrible for cheating on Sondra.

“This will hurt you, Heather.” I heard the whisper of the belt as she raised it above her shoulder. “But not near as much as you’ve hurt me.”

Vacation Arrest: A Tale of Humiliation, Caning and Submission

Vacation Arrest: A Tale of Humiliation, Caning and Submission

Be sure, click here to check out Vacation Arrest: A Tale of Humiliation, Caning and Submission. It’s the story of two woman on the wrong side of law.

Stacey gets the Hairbrush – A Fragment

spanking001“I promised you last time, Stacey.” I held up the credit card receipt of Stacey’s expensive and completely frivilous weekend trip to the beach. “I told you then that if I had to spank you again, that I would use the hairbrush.” Stacey had lied to me about her trip. She was supposed to be on business with her co-workers. “I keep my promises, Stacey.” I pushed my chair back from the table and patted my lap. “Take your skirt off, and get over here. Now.”

Stacey protested frantically between sobs, begging my forgiveness. Pleading and crying. Yet, she unzipped her skirt and dropped it to the floor. “P-p-please,” Stacey gasped, as she lay across my lap.

Her butt was tense under her panties, clenched tightly in anticipation of the first strike. She was balanced in my lap, finger tips and toes barely touching the floor.

“You know,” I said casually, raising the brush level with the top of my head. “If you’d been honest with me, we might have avoided this.”

The swing is short, and the hairbrush lands with a loud pop. Stacey shivers, then her entire body stiffens as she howled. I hold her tightly against my lap, as the hairbrush tattoos a rapid series of smacks on her lovely flesh. I begin at the juncture of buttock and thighs: first one side, and then the other, moving up her buttocks, and then back down her thighs.


Over and over, I repeated the pattern of swats to her flesh, and Stacey’s screams rise to a high keening.

“Next time.” SMACK! SMACK! “I’ll use.” SMACK! SMACK! “The cane.”

As Stacey wails under the harsh spanking, I hope that the next time she misbehaves comes sooner, rather than later.

Evie’s New Body: A Lesbian Femdom Adventure – Available Today

Imagine if you will, that you can transfer your consciousness into someone else – watch through their eyes, feel with their hands. That’s what happens to Evie, when she finds out that she can put her mind into the body of another person.  But all hell breaks loose when Evie puts her mind into Dan. See, Evie’s a dominant and prefers girls to men. And Dan? Well, he’s a sissy boy, through and through, bent on serving his Mistress as best as he can. In this excerpt, Mistress Christie is spanking Dan into a pair of panties, and the first strike has fallen. Evie is not at all happy.

Excerpt Evie’s New Body

“Shit-oh-fuck-oh-shit-goddamn! Ow!” Inside of Dan, Evie tried to snap straight up, and a EvieSmallerstream of obscenities escaped his lips before the big man could stop them. Dan bit his tongue, and his body shook uncontrollably as he fought Evie’s urge to stand up and rub his bottom.

“One!” Dan mumbled around his sore tongue. He pulled the panties up his legs barely an inch, his flesh shivering.

Christie paused momentarily with the riding crop high over her head. She frowned at Dan’s outburst. He had always been such a good slave, and he knew better than to speak – to say any words beyond the count – without her express permission. Had Dan somehow forgotten his training? Was this worthless man regressing?

“That one doesn’t count, my pet.” Christie stroked the bright red welt on Dan’s ass with the tip of the crop. “You know that you’ve spoken without permission, and once again, you’ve sworn in my presence.” Christie rapped Dan’s back with the crop. “ Drop those panties to your ankles.”

Dan opened his mouth to protest. Christie had whipped him far harder over the past weeks, and having the riding crop applied to his ass while he slowly slipped on a pair of silk panties was one of his Mistress’s favorite games. Dan had no idea why he’d cried out. His lips quivered with words as yet unspoken: Dan wanted to say that he hadn’t mouthed those obscenities, but clearly it was tongue that had given voice to the curses.

Inside Dan’s body, Evie was quaking. The red heat of the riding crop switching the big man’s ass had surprised her, and her outburst had caused Dan to become suspicious. Not that he’d guess that there was a phantom in his body; that was just too unbelievable. But even if he didn’t believe, Evie knew that if he became too agitated she could be forced from his body. That had already happened once with her neighbor, Kathryn. Evie didn’t want it to happen again.

But the goddamn whipping! In all her years of dating women and men, Evie had never been on the receiving end of a spanking. She had spanked many girls over the years, preferring them naked and across her lap for a hard, hand spanking. Evie had even whipped one boy’s ass with a strap while he was tied across the her bed and screaming for mercy. But she had never been spanked. No one had dared touch Evie as she was the Top in any relationship.

Yet now, here she was, stuck in the body of a submissive male. Worse, she was naked in his form, bent over, clutching the waistband of a very frilly pair of pink, satin panties. His ass (Or was it her ass? she wondered, as confusion set in) was bared and vulnerable – pointed skyward, waiting for the lash of the riding crop. Evie did not want to be whipped again and fought with Dan for control of his body.

Her host, however, was too strong. She could occasionally move his hand, or speak with Dan’s mouth, but now this submissive male held himself rigid. Evie could do nothing but wait for the next strike.


When Evie, a dominant lesbian, yearns for Christie, a straight girl, she projects her consciousness into Dan, the girl’s lover, little realizing that Dan is a submissive and that Christie is his young Dominatrix. The situation spins rapidly out of control and Evie finds herself trapped inside Dan’s body during an aggressive D/s scene involving whipping, caning, multiple partners, cock-caging, corseting, tight-lacing, feminization, strap-ons, a penis-gag, bondage and female domination. Find out what happens when the term “she-male” takes on an entirely new meaning. WARNING: Contains mature adult themes and explicit sex. STRICTLY for adults ONLY. All sexual acts depicted are consensual and between adults aged 21 years and over.

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