On the Event of Our First Spanking Date – A Sophia Fragment

“Alice?” Sophia looked down into her lap, where she was twiddling with her fingers. Sophia blushed deeply as she said my name and kept her head low. Black hair curtained her perfect face, but I could see that her lips were trembling.

“Yes, Sophia?” I kept my voice low so as not to frighten her. I had an idea of what Sophia was going to ask me.

“Could I have…” Sophia began. She clenched her hands together and ducked her head even further. “I mean, can we- I mean, can you give me some hard swats?”

That was it. The question that Sophia had been on the edge of asking ever since she found out that I had spent much of my early 20s as a Dominatrix in New York City.

I smiled widely at this pretty, Hispanic girl, and slipped my tongue between my lips. She was mine, now; I knew that. I reached out and took a gentle hold on Sophia’s chin to tip her head up so that I could look into her eyes.

“Well, just a few, perhaps.” I smiled at her, and drew Sophia closer. “Maybe just three for now.” I pulled her into face down on my lap and raised her short dress to expose her panty-clad buttocks.

“So beautiful,” I murmured, then raised my hand high.







Sophia’s voice rose and then trailed off as I spanked her bottom for the third time. “There,” I said, lightly rubbing her lovely bottom. “That’s enough for now.”

Though she was sniffling, Sophia was not satisfied with just the three hard spankings I had given her. “Please, Alice. I’d like some more.” Sophia took a breath. “May I have some more swats?”

I shook my head and continued to rub her bottom, slipping my fingers under the waistband of Sophia’s cotton panties. “This is your first spanking, my pet.” I traced the crack of her ass with the tips of my fingers. “I don’t want to overdo it on our first, real date.”

“Please,” Sophia pleaded. “I really want to feel your hand hard on my bottom again.”

Slowly, I pulled Sophia’s panties down, loving the sight of her smooth, light brown ass. “If you’re sure you’re ready,” I said, stroking her butt cheeks. “But I’ll have to hold you tight.” I raised my left leg so that I could scissor Sophia’s legs in my own. She was powerless in grasp, and I think it was then that reality of the situation she had put herself in finally sank in. Sophia whimpered, and I stroked her bottom again.

“This will hurt, Sophia,” I said gently. “More that you think. More than you know.” I raised my hand high above her bare buttocks. “It will help if you cry. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed. If you feel like crying, don’t hold back.”

7 responses to “On the Event of Our First Spanking Date – A Sophia Fragment

  1. Damn this was hot. I’m longing to know what happened next!

    • Many of my stories are based on true experiences that Sophia and I have explored. Maybe, my pet, if you beg loud and long, I’ll finish this one. 😉

  2. You might just be able to tempt me to beg if it means I get to read some more. I think you are becoming one of my favourite spanking writers.

  3. Your snippets. Always a good thing to read before *cough* bedtime.

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  5. Wow. That was awesome.

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