Evie’s New Body – Work in Progress excerpt

This is the third excerpt from my current work in progress – Evie’s New Body. It’s a story about a Texas woman who finds a strange gem that allows her to project her consciousness while she dreams. Imagine, my pets: What would you do if you could set your consciousness free to roam the land?

The next 15 minutes were a comedy of errors as Evie tried to put on pants and a shirt. She was able to take off her blue nightie, but unable to put fingers on any other clothing. Eventually, Evie gave up. Once again, she slipped the nightie over her head. “Time to find out what’s happening,” Evie thought to herself, and headed for the front door. Without thinking, Evie reached for the door knob. When her hand passed through the metal, Evie shrugged her shoulders and simply walked through the door.

Outside, Corlene was a cauldron of late afternoon heat. Asphalt shimmered in the sunlight, and the concrete walkway was sterile and looked to be white-hot. Tentatively, Evie stepped off the WELCOME mat and was only mildly surprised when her bare feet weren’t burnt by the cement. “I think I’m going to like this,” she chuckled to herself.

In the distance, a car engine sputtered. Evie looked up in time to see Mrs. Emma Jenkins roll by in her antique Cadillac. Waving, Evie tried to catch the woman’s attention, more to prove a point to herself than actually wanting the old lady to stop. And Mrs. Jenkins didn’t stop. She didn’t even seem to see Evie standing nearly naked on her porch.

“I thought so,” Evie said, grinning. “I don’t think anyone can see me!” She still didn’t know what was going on, but the knowledge that folks wouldn’t see her walking about town in her blue nightie gave Evie courage to go on. Clutching the gemstone tightly in her left hand, Evie dashed across her sun-burnt lawn to her neighbor’s house. New folks had moved in recently, and all Evie knew was that their names were Bill and Kathryn. She wanted to know more. This was her chance – unseen and unheard.

Evie stopped at the front door. She hadn’t yet gotten used to walking through solid objects, and so her natural inclination was to knock. When her knuckles passed through the heavy, wooden door, Evie grinned. She followed her hand and walked through the closed door and into the house.

“Hello?” Even though previous experience led her to believe that she could neither be seen, nor heard, Evie took no chances. “Hello?” she called again.

There was no answer, though it was clear that someone was home; somewhere in the house, water was running – apparently for a shower.

“Is anyone home?” Slowly crossing the living room, Evie called out again and again. “Hello? Is anyone here? Can you hear me?”

A sudden fiery warmth in Evie’s left hand caused her to gasp. Opening her fist, Evie expected the gemstone to drop to the floor. Instead, she was astounded when she saw that the stone was now embedded firmly in her palm; the oddly glowing gem had become a part of her flesh!

“Shit!” Shaking her hand hard, Evie tried to rid herself of the gem, all the while walking closer to the neighbor’s bedroom. “Goddamnit!” The gem did not come loose; it was a purplish-green gleam in the palm of her hand.

“Fuck it,” she thought, dropping her hand to her side. “Nothing I can do about it now.”

Evie paused in front of the bedroom. She could hear the shower running beyond the door, and she realized that this must be the master bedroom. Evie looked down at her sheer, blue nightie. “At least I’m dressed for this,” she said to herself. Smiling wryly, Evie pushed through the bedroom door. There was no resistance. The next stop was the master bathroom.

Evie tried one more time, pitching her voice until she was sure it could be heard over the running water: “Is anyone there?” Silence assured Evie that her presence in the house was unknown. Still, she tiptoed to the bathroom door. By now, Evie knew better than to try to knock. She poked her head through the door and was immediately engulfed in a cloud of steam.

The shower curtain was clear, but with the mist shrouding the bathroom, all Evie could make out was the shadow of a female form under the shower head. Evie paused for a moment to pull her nightie over her head. She wasn’t sure whether the blue nightie could get wet, but Evie didn’t want to take the chance. Dropping it to the floor, she then slipped inside the shower stall to join her neighbor. That’s when things became much clearer.

A woman in her mid-30s had her back to the hot spray of the shower, and she was lathering her stomach and breasts. It had to be Kathryn, Evie thought. As the woman arched backward to rinse shampoo from her hair, Evie got a good view of her neighbor’s taut breasts and full figure. The woman’s body was beautiful, with every line and curve perfect. Her tits were firm and her nipples taut, erect from the warmth of the shower. Small clusters of soap emphasized Kathryn’s curves, sliding slowly down her smooth belly and lodging in her blond pubic thatch.

It was clear that Kathryn had no idea that she was sharing her shower, and Evie groaned inwardly when she watched the woman soap the blond thatch of hair covering her pussy. Kathryn’s slender fingers slid down her stomach and between her legs. She rubbed through her pubic hair, bringing the soap to a lather with a washcloth. It was then that Kathryn became aroused, and her fingers danced lightly over her wet flesh.

That’s all for now, my pets. I’m still working on this story. I have some really interesting kinks to iron out, but I promise fun for all!

5 responses to “Evie’s New Body – Work in Progress excerpt

  1. You always leave us wanting MORE……….Thank you.

    • This story is coming along nicely, Russell. Imagine for a moment, what you would do if you could send your consciousness into someone else’s body.

      Thanks for coming by and letting me know what you think!

  2. This is good. I am enjoying this. Kinks for all, nice touch. 🙂

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