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Evie’s New Body – WIP fragment

This is an excerpt from my current work in progress – Evie’s New Body. The story is about a Texas woman who can project her consciousness into other people’s bodies while she dreams. Imagine, my pets: What would you do if you could set your consciousness free to roam the land and enter the body of whomever you want?

Deciding to step into Dan’s body hadn’t been a hard decision. Despite being a lout, Dan was reasonably good looking: tall, muscular, with broad shoulders and a smile that hid nasty intentions. He wasn’t a smart man by any stretch of the imagination, but Dan wasn’t dumb. He was streetwise, and he had plenty of cash to spread around. And he was the only person – so far as Evie knew – that was dating Christie Monroe.

As it turned out, it wasn’t at all difficult to find Dan; he was in his bedroom, getting ready to go out for the evening. Evie appraised the man she was about to step into. She had a good view of Dan’s butt as he leaned close to the mirror and flossed his teeth. Firm buttocks beneath a pair of tight jeans showed that Dan worked out on a regular basis, and the muscles in his back rippled under a white shirt as he drew the string back and forth between his molars. Dan’s black hair was brushed straight back, and he looked a little bit like a ’50s greaser.

“There,” Dan said to his reflection, brushing back a full head of thick, black hair. “Damn, I’m good-looking!”

Evie laughed at Dan’s comment to himself. He was a vain man – about his appearance, his job and the girls he dated. Evie walked forward a few paces. As she got closer, her palm lit up in a purplish-green fire. “You’re going to be more than good-looking,” Evie murmured, wrapping her ghostly arms around the big man. “In about two seconds-” Evie didn’t complete the thought. A sudden rush of ethereal wind surrounded her as she was sucked inside of Dan’s body.

At that moment, Evie felt very, very different.

“I’ve got a cock!” she thought, and Dan’s hand dropped unconsciously to the bulge in his pants. “A fucking cock!” Evie giggled at her own bad pun: of course it was a fucking cock. That’s what cocks are for. But Evie was surprised when Dan chuckled out loud at the same time as she did inside his head. And she was even more surprised when he began massaging his prick through his pants. The cock thickened and shifted uncomfortably as grew inside the tight material.

“Ohhh,” Evie groaned. She had a pussy, intangible inside of Dan’s body. But now that she was inside Dan’s body, she also had a cock – a very thick and physical cock, throbbing, engorged with blood. Evie loved her pussy. She wouldn’t trade being a woman for a cock, even on her worst days. But this was different. Evie had both a prick and a cunt, courtesy of astral projection; she was inside Dan, looking down at his thick pole, and yet when she stroked his cock, it was as though she was massaging her own pussy. Under her ministrations, Dan’s prick strained at his pants, and Evie used his hand to rub the thick member harder and harder. Dan groaned along with Evie, closing his eyes for a moment and used his fingernails to scratch at his prick through his jeans.

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