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Natalie gets a Spanking – #SatSpanks

Natalie Gets a Spanking

“Tell me Natalie,” Alex said, licking his lips again. “When is the last time that you were spanked?”

Natalie shut her eyes, and a fine tremor shook her frame. “Please,” she moaned. “Please stop this.” Natalie seemed furious, but Alex noted that instead of struggling to get away from him, she actually clawed deeper into his lap as though she was trying to become a part of him. He responded to her struggles, and felt his cock grow hard beneath her. But this wasn’t about sex: This was about punishment: Natalie was clumsy and quite possibly a thief! Alex shook himself and pushed back his own desires. He ignored his erection and vowed internally that it would not stop him from delivering the spanking Natalie deserved.

He spanked her again hard, this time on a single cheek. And then three beats – smack, smack, smack – harder on the other cheek. Red hand prints glowed on Natalie’s ass, inflaming both her rage and desire.

“Ooh,” Natalie growled low in her throat and kicked her legs. She wanted to bite Alex, and Natalie gnashed her teeth to keep from acting on the impulse. Something about the spanking had completely replaced the girl’s terror at the thought of being punished. Instinct had taken over, and Natalie arched her ass upward to meet Alex’s rough hand.

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Sophia Spanked for Flirting – a Sophia fragment

Bad Girls get Spanked

Bad Girls get Spanked

“Sophia, come here,” I said, patting my lap. The party we had just left was a loud one, a real screamer from beginning to end. And once again, I’d caught my girlfriend flirting with  another girl – a lipstick lesbian from one local community college. The girl was pretty enough, but loud and obnoxious. I hadn’t liked her, and I didn’t like Sophia flirting with other women.

My girlfriend ducked her head. “I’m sorry, Alice.” She pursed her pretty lips. “Really, I am. I didn’t mean to kiss that girl.”

But of course, that’s exactly what Sophia had intended. She knew I was watching. Knew that I wouldn’t approve. “Sometimes, Sophia, I think you do these things just because you want me to spank you.”

Sophia slowly shook her head as she crossed the bedroom to where I sat on the bed. “No, Alice. Really.” She smiled as she laid down across my lap and snuggled in against my body. “I love you, Alice. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you.” I felt the warmth of her bare skin as she rubbed against me. Sophia’s light brown legs stretched back across the bed, and her pert, panty-covered bottom rose as though it were eager for my hand. Sophia had worn her black hair in a pony tail for the evening, and as she tipped her head back, it hung down till it was just above her panties.

I took that thick rope of hair in one hand and let it slip through my fingers as I hooked my fingers in the waistband of her panties. “You won’t need these,” I said softly. I pulled Sophia’s cotton panties down over her perfect butt, and she whimpered when they caught for a moment between her legs.

I love Sophia’s brown bottom. It’s so spankable: round and full, beautifully formed and cool to the touch. Sophia flexed her behind and then relaxed, leaning forward onto the bed. I placed my hand in the center of her beautiful butt and rubbed the soft flesh, feeling the muscle tone beneath.

Sophia growled low in her throat. I sensed her impatience, but I didn’t rush the moment. My fingers trailed through the crack of her ass, lightly tickling her light, brown skin. I leaned forward and touched my tongue against her cheeks, then blew softly on the moist area. Sophia moaned and pushed her ass higher.

“I love you,” I murmured, sitting erect once again. Bringing my hand back, I swatted her ass hard – dead center, where only moments ago, my fingers and tongue had traced out the beauty in her flesh.

Sophia gasped, but never moved. “One,” she whispered harshly. She shifted a little and waited for the next strike. I was happy to oblige.