Sophia Spanked for Flirting – a Sophia fragment

Bad Girls get Spanked

Bad Girls get Spanked

“Sophia, come here,” I said, patting my lap. The party we had just left was a loud one, a real screamer from beginning to end. And once again, I’d caught my girlfriend flirting with  another girl – a lipstick lesbian from one local community college. The girl was pretty enough, but loud and obnoxious. I hadn’t liked her, and I didn’t like Sophia flirting with other women.

My girlfriend ducked her head. “I’m sorry, Alice.” She pursed her pretty lips. “Really, I am. I didn’t mean to kiss that girl.”

But of course, that’s exactly what Sophia had intended. She knew I was watching. Knew that I wouldn’t approve. “Sometimes, Sophia, I think you do these things just because you want me to spank you.”

Sophia slowly shook her head as she crossed the bedroom to where I sat on the bed. “No, Alice. Really.” She smiled as she laid down across my lap and snuggled in against my body. “I love you, Alice. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you.” I felt the warmth of her bare skin as she rubbed against me. Sophia’s light brown legs stretched back across the bed, and her pert, panty-covered bottom rose as though it were eager for my hand. Sophia had worn her black hair in a pony tail for the evening, and as she tipped her head back, it hung down till it was just above her panties.

I took that thick rope of hair in one hand and let it slip through my fingers as I hooked my fingers in the waistband of her panties. “You won’t need these,” I said softly. I pulled Sophia’s cotton panties down over her perfect butt, and she whimpered when they caught for a moment between her legs.

I love Sophia’s brown bottom. It’s so spankable: round and full, beautifully formed and cool to the touch. Sophia flexed her behind and then relaxed, leaning forward onto the bed. I placed my hand in the center of her beautiful butt and rubbed the soft flesh, feeling the muscle tone beneath.

Sophia growled low in her throat. I sensed her impatience, but I didn’t rush the moment. My fingers trailed through the crack of her ass, lightly tickling her light, brown skin. I leaned forward and touched my tongue against her cheeks, then blew softly on the moist area. Sophia moaned and pushed her ass higher.

“I love you,” I murmured, sitting erect once again. Bringing my hand back, I swatted her ass hard – dead center, where only moments ago, my fingers and tongue had traced out the beauty in her flesh.

Sophia gasped, but never moved. “One,” she whispered harshly. She shifted a little and waited for the next strike. I was happy to oblige.

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