Evie’s New Body – Coming May 27th – #ASMSG

When Evie, a dominant lesbian yearns for Christie, a straight girl, she projects her consciousness into Dan, the girl’s lover, little realizing that Dan is a submissive and that Christie is his young Dominatrix. The situation spins rapidly out of control and Evie finds herself trapped inside Dan’s body during an especially aggressive D/s scene involving multiple partners, cock-caging, bondage, female domination, caning and a strap-on. Find out what happens in my latest work – Evie’s New Body – when the term “she-male” takes on an entirely new meaning.

This is a snippet from Evie’s New Bodyavailable May27th!

Dan struggled into his clothes and dashed out the front door, unaware that the had a hitchhiker riding along inside his body. Evie left Dan alone while he dressed and fretted about being late for his date. It wouldn’t do to distract the poor schmuck by pulling on his dick again – much as Evie wanted to. Having her own cock had been a novelty that Evie wanted to explore further. Also, the odd lack of tits, and the smooth and muscled chest had been fascinating. Evie wanted to use Dan’s fingers touch every inch of his body. But if she had done so, Evie feared that she may have been forced outside of Dan. She remembered that when Kathryn questioned why she was swearing so much, Evie had been shoved from the woman’s body. If Dan thought that he was behaving oddly, Evie thought that she may find herself without a male body to explore.

So she let the poor guy pack his junk away in his boxers and tight pants, as well as slip into a clean shirt, without trying to take charge and stroke his cock till it was rock-hard and trembling. Evie wanted to do that – wanted to run his hands over Dan’s flesh and explore it while the body was still something that they shared. Evie wanted the sensation of Dan’s cock in her hand again – wanted to know what the big deal was about a prick to a guy. Hell, Evie even wanted to know if Dan could bend over far enough to suck his own cock.

Evie vowed to try all of these things, but not right away. “First,” she thought to herself, “I’ve got to fuck Evie. Then maybe I’ll find out if this guy likes the taste of his own cum.” Evie smiled wickedly, and she thought Dan’s lips may have twitched at her own amusement. Carefully, she pulled herself deep inside Dan’s body, so as not to arouse any suspicion.


After more than an hour, Dan pulled his battered Mustang to the curb in front of Christie’s home in the suburbs of Corlene. Evie couldn’t believe that a pompous ass like Dan would drive such a beat up piece of shit. She figured him more as more the Corvette type; Dan’s dick wasn’t especially long – thick, but only about seven inches. Evie had guessed that he would try to compensate by driving an expensive car. She found that she admired him just a little bit for owning a car that was within his means.

“I guess he’s not such a dickweed,” Evie thought to herself. “He’s still an asshole, but not totally awful.”

Still unaware of the passenger he carried inside his body, Dan popped out of his car and dashed up the sidewalk to Christie’s front door. A hot sun had set an hour earlier, but the night was still steamy with Texas heat. Above the front door, a bug lamp flickered and zapped as insects darted into its blue light. Dan glanced up for a moment, straightened his shirt, and then tentatively tapped on the door. He fidgeted with his fingers while he waited for Christie to answer his knock. Inside of him, Evie wondered at the big man’s trepidation.

Slowly, the door creaked inward. A beautiful blonde stood in the doorway with her hand on the knob. She arched a perfectly plucked eyebrow high. “You’re late.”

Dan stammered and stepped forward into the house with his head down. “I’m sorry, Christie. Really-”

Suddenly Evie saw stars bursting in Dan’s head, and her own face stung! Without preamble, Christie had slapped Dan hard across the face, and he stepped back against the doorjamb. Dan looked up at her, tears stinging his eyes, and saw that Christie was furious. Her blue eyes blazed.

“You will call me Mistress!” Christie snapped. “Do you understand?”

That’s all for now, my pets. I’ve finished the story, and now I’m editing it and designing a cover. But I promise a wicked good story, with multiple partners, a strap-on, masturbation, a she-male and a scene that you’ve just got to read to believe. Evie’s New Body will be available on May 27th!

5 responses to “Evie’s New Body – Coming May 27th – #ASMSG

  1. Hmm, this is…….unique.

  2. Oooh intriguing. Now I have a bunch of questions that will have to be left unanswered. The up side though you’re not sooo evil and the wait is only a few days.

    • This one’s a wild trip, Lily. A woman taking over a man’s body to get to another woman – but all is not as it seems, and truly wicked things happen!

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