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Evie’s New Body – #SatSpanks #SeductiveSnS #ASMSG

When Evie, a dominant lesbian yearns for Christie, a straight girl, she projects her consciousness into Dan, the girl’s lover, little realizing that Dan is a submissive and that Christie is his young Dominatrix. The situation spins rapidly out of control and Evie finds herself trapped inside Dan’s body during an especially aggressive D/s scene involving multiple partners, cock-caging, bondage and female domination. Find out what happens in my latest work – Evie’s New Body – when the term “she-male” takes on an entirely new meaning.

This is a snippet from Evie’s New Bodyavailable May27th!

EvieSmaller“I think these will do nicely.” The young woman held up a pair of frilly, pink satin panties with lots of white lace trim. Oddly enough, there was a small zipper in the front of the panties, and the zipper was topped by a pink ribbon.

Evie gasped loudly, and Christie looked up. “You don’t approve of my choice, pet?”

Dan shook his head wildly. It was his lips from which the gasp had escaped, but it wasn’t he who had made the noise. Dan had no idea why he’d made a sound. He knew that he had to remain completely silent, lest his punishment grow more savage.

But Evie was of a different mind. Like most women, she wore panties, but hadn’t laid hands nor eyes on something so girly since she was a child. “Frilled, pink panties!” she thought. “What the fuck?” She kept the thoughts to herself. If she was going to have a chance to fuck Christie, Evie would have to learn to keep silent. She eyed the panties warily.

Christie stood up. She had the panties in one hand and a riding crop in the other. She threw the lacy undergarments on the floor in front of Dan, then gestured with the crop. “Step into them,” she said, her voice cold and low. “Don’t pull them up.” Christie looked down at Dan from the height of her heels. “Just bend over and grab the waistband.”

As though he knew what was expected of him, Dan shuffled forward and put his feet in the legs of the panties. Then Dan took a deep breath as he bent down, and grabbed the waistband of the frilly undergarments; Evie sensed the silkiness of the panties through Dan’s touch. But she also realized that their shared ass was naked and vulnerable.

Christie gracefully raised her right hand high above her shoulder. “You know what’s coming, pet,” Christie whispered. Dan closed his eyes and Evie was plunged into darkness. Dan’s entire body trembled with Evie’s frustration and worry. “One stroke is one inch. Two strokes is two inches.”

Awkwardly, Dan nodded. He took a chance and repeated Christie’s commands under his breath: “One inch, one stroke. Two inches, two strokes.” Evie had no idea what the fuck either of them were talking about. It was dark. She was afraid. And both Dan and Christie were mumbling nonsense.

“Don’t forget the count, pet.”

Those were the last words Evie heard, before a shrill whistle cut the air.



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