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Evie’s New Body: A Lesbian Femdom Adventure – Available Today

Imagine if you will, that you can transfer your consciousness into someone else – watch through their eyes, feel with their hands. That’s what happens to Evie, when she finds out that she can put her mind into the body of another person.  But all hell breaks loose when Evie puts her mind into Dan. See, Evie’s a dominant and prefers girls to men. And Dan? Well, he’s a sissy boy, through and through, bent on serving his Mistress as best as he can. In this excerpt, Mistress Christie is spanking Dan into a pair of panties, and the first strike has fallen. Evie is not at all happy.

Excerpt Evie’s New Body

“Shit-oh-fuck-oh-shit-goddamn! Ow!” Inside of Dan, Evie tried to snap straight up, and a EvieSmallerstream of obscenities escaped his lips before the big man could stop them. Dan bit his tongue, and his body shook uncontrollably as he fought Evie’s urge to stand up and rub his bottom.

“One!” Dan mumbled around his sore tongue. He pulled the panties up his legs barely an inch, his flesh shivering.

Christie paused momentarily with the riding crop high over her head. She frowned at Dan’s outburst. He had always been such a good slave, and he knew better than to speak – to say any words beyond the count – without her express permission. Had Dan somehow forgotten his training? Was this worthless man regressing?

“That one doesn’t count, my pet.” Christie stroked the bright red welt on Dan’s ass with the tip of the crop. “You know that you’ve spoken without permission, and once again, you’ve sworn in my presence.” Christie rapped Dan’s back with the crop. “ Drop those panties to your ankles.”

Dan opened his mouth to protest. Christie had whipped him far harder over the past weeks, and having the riding crop applied to his ass while he slowly slipped on a pair of silk panties was one of his Mistress’s favorite games. Dan had no idea why he’d cried out. His lips quivered with words as yet unspoken: Dan wanted to say that he hadn’t mouthed those obscenities, but clearly it was tongue that had given voice to the curses.

Inside Dan’s body, Evie was quaking. The red heat of the riding crop switching the big man’s ass had surprised her, and her outburst had caused Dan to become suspicious. Not that he’d guess that there was a phantom in his body; that was just too unbelievable. But even if he didn’t believe, Evie knew that if he became too agitated she could be forced from his body. That had already happened once with her neighbor, Kathryn. Evie didn’t want it to happen again.

But the goddamn whipping! In all her years of dating women and men, Evie had never been on the receiving end of a spanking. She had spanked many girls over the years, preferring them naked and across her lap for a hard, hand spanking. Evie had even whipped one boy’s ass with a strap while he was tied across the her bed and screaming for mercy. But she had never been spanked. No one had dared touch Evie as she was the Top in any relationship.

Yet now, here she was, stuck in the body of a submissive male. Worse, she was naked in his form, bent over, clutching the waistband of a very frilly pair of pink, satin panties. His ass (Or was it her ass? she wondered, as confusion set in) was bared and vulnerable – pointed skyward, waiting for the lash of the riding crop. Evie did not want to be whipped again and fought with Dan for control of his body.

Her host, however, was too strong. She could occasionally move his hand, or speak with Dan’s mouth, but now this submissive male held himself rigid. Evie could do nothing but wait for the next strike.


When Evie, a dominant lesbian, yearns for Christie, a straight girl, she projects her consciousness into Dan, the girl’s lover, little realizing that Dan is a submissive and that Christie is his young Dominatrix. The situation spins rapidly out of control and Evie finds herself trapped inside Dan’s body during an aggressive D/s scene involving whipping, caning, multiple partners, cock-caging, corseting, tight-lacing, feminization, strap-ons, a penis-gag, bondage and female domination. Find out what happens when the term “she-male” takes on an entirely new meaning. WARNING: Contains mature adult themes and explicit sex. STRICTLY for adults ONLY. All sexual acts depicted are consensual and between adults aged 21 years and over.

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