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Heather Cheated – a fragment

Sondra stood slowly as my words of betrayal sank in. My girlfriend narrowed her eyes and held up one hand. “You know that I have no choice but to punish you for what you’ve done.” Her voice was low and dangerous.

I nodded. My transgression would not be tolerated. I knew that. My bottom lip trembled, and I whispered: “Yes.”

With that, Sondra unbuckled her belt and slid it slowly through the loops of her jeans. That’s when it became very clear that I was in for more than a simple spanking.

“Wait,” I said, my voice rising. “You’re not going to use…” I couldn’t finish the words. “Oh God, Sondra. Please tell me-” My voice choked again, and I couldn’t continue.

“Yes,” she said simply. “You’ve left me with no other choice. You cheated,” she said, folding her belt to make a loop. “And you lied about it.” Sondra snapped the belt, and the leather popped sharply. “I’m going to make sure you understand the consequences for you actions, and that you never do this again.”

“But,” I cried softly, “I won’t do it again.”

“I know you won’t, Heather,” she said. “But I have to do this. Now stand up.”

“No,” I pleaded. “Please, Sondra, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” I began to cry, and the whipping hadn’t even begun.

My pleas fell on deaf ears. “Stand up,” she said again.

“Please, Sondra. I’m so sorry, but at least I told you!” Tears blurred my eyes, yet I could see my girlfriend’s anger.

“Heather,” she said firmly, “I will not ask you again.”

I scrubbed at my face, smearing tears across my cheeks and stood up reluctantly. In her anger, Sondra seemed much taller than me. She approached slowly and turned me around to face the wall. “Pull down your pants, Heather.”

I almost choked on the realization that this was really about to happen. “Please, Sondra.”

Her reply was terse. “If you don’t do it, I will.”

The threat was enough to make me blush, and I didn’t want Sondra to have to strip off my clothes. I unsnapped my jeans and slid them down my legs, leaving them in a blue wad on the floor. My white cotton panties were all that protected my bottom.

“Heather, I trusted you,” Sondra said, and I wanted to look over my shoulder at her. “I was certain that if anyone could resist temptation, it would be you.” I shuddered at her disappointment; and I knew that I’d hurt Sondra deeply. “You proved me wrong, Heather, and you broke my trust.” Sondra caressed my back, and I leaned forward till my forehead was against the cold wall. “You’ve told me the truth,” she said, “but you’re going to have to build my trust in you all over again, because I don’t trust you anymore.”

Her words were like a gut-punch, and I begun shivering with the tears that streamed down my face. Guilt spread throughout my body and I felt horrible for cheating on Sondra.

“This will hurt you, Heather.” I heard the whisper of the belt as she raised it above her shoulder. “But not near as much as you’ve hurt me.”

Vacation Arrest: A Tale of Humiliation, Caning and Submission

Vacation Arrest: A Tale of Humiliation, Caning and Submission

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