Diana Street, Spanking Detective – Work in Progress

I’ve started my next story, my pets, and this time, I think I want to write a spanking mystery. Yep. I love mysteries, and I love strong, female detectives. Here’s the opening of the story. I’ve still a long ways to go, but feel free to tell me what you think! –AD

Alice Dark and Spanking Detective: The Case of the Killer Heels

Spanking Detective: The Case of the Killer Heels

I leaned back in my chair, closed my eyes and listened the spatter of rain rapping against my office window. It was a gloomy Monday morning: steel-gray clouds hunkered low over the city, and people wandered the streets like mushrooms under black umbrellas. It was a miserable day – cold, wet and dismal. Yet, I was in a good mood. I had a new secretary, and she didn’t know any of the rules. I’d already spanked her once today. And I was sure that Mona would earn several more butt-warmings before the week was out.

There’s no better way to start the day than with some OTK on a pretty girl in a tight skirt. Maybe later, I’d have her take that skirt off prior to the spanking. But this time, I let Mona keep her dignity – and clothing – for her punishment. She wailed and kicked her legs throughout the spanking, promising me that she would do better next time.

I smiled and put my hands behind my head. Everybody breaks my rules sooner or later. And that meant that there would definitely be a next time for spanking Mona’s ass.

A sudden rap at my office door broke my reverie. The door creaked open, and Mona leaned halfway through the opening.

“Excuse me, Ms. Street?”

As she said my name, Mona blushed deeply. She was wearing a low-cut, cashmere sweater and the red flush went from from her face to the tops of her lovely, full breasts. I knew that Mona remembered her spanking – balanced on my lap, hands and feet barely touching the floor.

“Diana,” I said sharply, opening my eyes and leaning forward. “I don’t like that Miz crap. Call me by my first name, or we’ll have a repeat of this morning’s performance.”

“Yes, Ms. I mean, ma’am.” Mona blushed a brighter red. She was flustered and pretty, nearly gasping for breath. “I mean, Diana!” Mona bobbed her head, her blond, shoulder-length curls shaking. “Y-you have a client, a Mrs. Ruby Lauren.”

“Well, don’t just stand there babbling, girl,” I snapped, enjoying Mona’s embarrassment. I would spank her again today. Of that, I was sure. “Send her in!”

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4 responses to “Diana Street, Spanking Detective – Work in Progress

  1. An intriguing idea. I think I like Ms Street aready. Oh wait, I forgot she doesn’t like to be called Ms. Why is she looking at me like that? Oh crap. I think I’m going to get a spanking! 😉

  2. Mystery, spanking and a strong female detective, win for me 🙂

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