Big Thanks to Chross

Spanking a lovely bottom!

A big Spank You for Chross

I want to send out a big kiss and a sound spanking to the curators at Chross! Not only do they have an awesome Spanking Web site, they also chose Heather Cheated as one of their “Spankings of the Week.”

*Wheee!* I love it when my writing is recognized, but this is extra special because that particular story is based on one of Sophia’s real life experiences. So yeah. We’re both doing the happy dance. And later tonight, after a nice dinner and bottle of wine, Sophia will be doing the “Spanky Dance.”

We’re just that happy.

Love to all, especially Chross for making this an awesome, spanking day. 🙂

6 responses to “Big Thanks to Chross

  1. You deserve to be recognised. I love your writing. You really know how to build the tension before the spanking even starts.

  2. Congrats on being picked like that!

  3. A Spanky Dance just for being picked by me! I like the idea 🙂

    But there are no curators or “they”, it´s just me really!

    Cheers (and also thanks for your mail)

    • You’re doing a hell of a job to be managing that site by yourself. I like it! And again … thanks. It felt really good to have that bit of flash fiction recognized.

      By the way. Sophia enjoyed the dance. 🙂


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