Bad Girls Deserve a Paddling – a fragment

“On your feet young lady!”

Cassandra scrambled up from the couch, her eyes wide with fear and anticipation. She was babbling as she stood, trying to explain her actions: “I-I-didn’t-”

“Zip it!” Ms Natalie snapped. “I don’t want to hear your excuses. As a sophomore in college you should know better.” Ms Natalie scowled at the young woman. “We talked about what would happen if there was a repeat of your bad behavior.” Ms Natalie tapped her leg with the wooden paddle. “You just didn’t seem to listen.”

With the sweep of one arm, Ms Natalie cleared off Cassandra’s desk, shoving papers and notebooks to the floor. She tapped the bare wood with the edge of the paddle. “It’s time for the punishment we talked about,” Ms Natalie said in a low voice. “Drop your skirt, take off your panties, and assume the position.”

Cassandra’s stomach lurched as she turned to face the desk. Her face was white with fear, and a tear trickled down her cheek. Panicked, Cassandra looked over her shoulder at Ms Natalie. “Please don’t spank my bare bottom,” Cassandra sobbed. “I’ll be good!”

Meeting Cassandra’s pleading eyes, Ms Natalie slowly shook her head. A paddling on the bare bottom had been promised for any misbehavior. And that had been only a week ago. Unless she followed through on that promise, Cassandra would lose respect for her authority.

“Bad girls deserve a paddling,” Ms Natalie said. “Take off your skirt.”

Cassandra’s face crumbled into tears, and she turned to face the wall. After fumbling for a moment, she managed to drag down the zipper at her waist and drop the skirt to the floor. Closing her eyes, she pulled down her cotton panties, baring her butt to Ms Natalie. Cassandra was crying freely and hiccuped back a sob as she bent over the desk to tightly grip the sides.

The desk was high, and Cassandra had to stand on tiptoes to bring her bare bottom into the correct position.

“Take a deep breath,” Ms Natalie said to the sobbing girl. “This is going to hurt.”

5 responses to “Bad Girls Deserve a Paddling – a fragment

  1. Cute. I want to re read Sorority Heat, missing out on the “hardcore” side of things. 😀 I have to do a review, gosh.

  2. Love it. yet again you kill it with the tense build up.

  3. Great excerpt. My sympathies go automatically to Cassandra, although I can understand Ms. Natalie’s position. She has to follow through or Cassandra won’t respect or believe her next time, but she isn’t being cruel about it. So, that makes me sympathize with her as well. Great job.

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