Sophia is Spanked for Flirting … Again – a fragment

Learning to obey

Learning to obey

“Please Alice,” Sophia wailed. “I’m sorry! I promise, I’ll never do it again.” Sophia sobbed, and kicked her legs hard against the bed. “Really, Alice. No more flirting. Ever!”

Alice sighed and picked up the hairbrush. She tightened her grip on her wiggling girlfriend. “You’ve made that promise so many times, Sophia.” She tapped the back of the brush against her girlfriend’s bare bottom. “We’ve tried a bare-handed spanking, and that didn’t work. Now I will spank you with this hairbrush, and I want think about what you’ve done.” Alice raised the brush above her shoulder. “Do you understand me.”

Alice didn’t wait for Sophia’s reply. Instead, she landed a sharp SMACK! right in the middle of Sophia’s round bottom.

“Yes,” Sophia screamed. She looked over her shoulder and kicked her feet, banging them against the mattress with a thip-thup-thip sound.

Alice spanked Sophia faster. Harder. Each swat beginning above her shoulders and landing with a SPLAT! on Sophia’s tender cheeks. Sophia struggled in Alice’s grip and cried out when each swat landed with authority and vigor.

Alice knew that she was pushing Sophia to her limits; but Alice also believed that Sophia needed to learn a lesson about flirting, if she didn’t want anything like this spanking to happen again.

Alice spanked on and on, alternating between Sophia’s sweet cheeks, with enough of a sting in each swat to make her point. Finally, as Sophia’s cries turned to sobs, Alice slowed the pace of the spanking, until she stopped all together. Sophia stopped struggling, but remained in Alice’s lap, crying softly.

Alice’s anger at Sophia’s bad behavior was gone. She tenderly rubbed Sophia’s back and shoulders, and slid her cool hand over Sophia’s hot buttocks. “Shhh, Sophia,” Alice said. “It’s all over dear.” Alice brushed Sophia’s long, black hair from her tear-streaked face, and gently patted her hot and freshly spanked round bottom.

4 responses to “Sophia is Spanked for Flirting … Again – a fragment

  1. Sounds like Sophia needs something, “harsher” next time. Bare handed spankings just not cutting it for her. What could make this….harsh? 🙂 *evil grin*

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