Waiting is the Hardest Part – a fragment

“Go.” She pointed toward the bedroom. “Now.”

Alice’s monosyllabic commands frightened me. She was angry, and while she had good reason for her fury, I didn’t look forward to the punishment headed my way. I brushed passed Alice with my arms crossed just under my breasts and tight against my body. I was nauseous and needed to pee, but I didn’t dare say a word, lest I provoke my lover further.

As I opened the door to our bedroom, Alice stood to one side. “Your corner,” she said.

Just two words, but I knew what she meant. I held my tongue as I crossed the room – passed the bed, where we had made love the night before; glancing briefly at the picture of us embracing on bureau, two women in love. Leaning my forehead against the bright, white wall, I waited for her next command.

“Take off your skirt,” she said. “Then drop your panties and take off your blouse.”

My fingers fumbled with the buttons, and I struggled to obey. But eventually, I was naked, except for my bra and knee-high socks.

“Hands on your head,” my lover said.

As I lifted my hands to comply, I heard a slight scuff on the carpet. I chanced a look over my shoulder; Alice was leaving the bedroom. Sighing, I placed my hands on top of my head and looked at the wall ahead of me. I’ve never gotten used to this kind of punishment.

Waiting. Nose to the wall. Hands on my head. Bare bottom facing the bedroom doorway. I would think that since I’d been in this position before, it wouldn’t bother me. But it does.

I hate being nearly naked and helpless. Sure. I could move and chance a quick trip to the bathroom. But if I were caught, it would only increase my punishment. Sighing again, I stared at the wall ahead of me. It’s funny how the mind can pick shapes out of nothingness, even when stressed. Though the walls of my corner were smooth and white, the overhead light made curious shapes of the bumps and slight imperfections in the paint: a wizard’s face, an apple, and a goat-thing chasing a fish.

I closed my eyes against these familiar shapes and strained to hear any sounds that would give away Alice’s location in our house. Had she come back into the room? Was she staring at my naked ass?

A shiver ran through me at that last thought, and I wanted desperately to turn around to confront my lover. But I didn’t. If she was there, my punishment would be more severe for moving without permission. I took a deep breath to calm myself, and an icy wash of fear flooded my body.

There! I was sure that I heard the soft murmur of the television. Perhaps a car crash, or a scream; I couldn’t be sure. But what I was certain of was that Alice intended for me to wait.

Another shiver ran through my body. My arms ached. My legs trembled. And I waited.

The first time I met Alice, I realized that she was a dominant. She was strong willed and forceful. Men and women gave her wide berth when she was angry, yet she was also soft and giving. Even though I had never been with a woman before, I was attracted to her. Something about her demeanor and confidence called to me. I knew that she was a woman who would not be pushed around by anyone.

I knew then that I had to have her. I didn’t know why. I wasn’t gay; and I didn’t normally think of women in that way. I had a few girl-crushes when I was young, but nothing serious. Yet my desire for Alice was different. Almost against my will, I began to pursue her.

There! Another sound! Alice was in the kitchen. I could hear water running, and I took the chance to raise and lower my shoulders to relieve the dull red ache of pain. I felt as though I had been in my corner for hours, though it had likely been less than a half-an-hour.


I heard Alice clear her throat. She was behind me and had probably seen me shrug my shoulders.

“You may turn around,” she said. “But keep your hands on your head.”

I turned slowly. Alice was seated on the edge of the bed, her blue eyes icy and flashing. Casually, she examined me. I was still wearing the lacy, white bra that she had given me on last anniversary. It had a little pink bow in the middle, separating my breasts. My bottom lip trembled as her gaze traveled down my body, and again I realized that I needed to pee.

“Put your hands by your sides and come here.”

My arms felt like leaden things, numb and tingling at the same time. I dropped them to my sides and quickly crossed the distance separating us to stand in front of Alice. I kept my head down.

“I want you to lay across my lap,” she said simply. Beside her, I saw a heavy leather paddle. I took a deep breath, then leaned forward to comply with my lover’s wishes. I positioned myself across her lap, legs straight, with my fingers and toes just barely touching the floor. Tears welled up in my eyes. I braced myself and waited again. But Alice didn’t immediately spank me.

The suspense was awful. I lay in her lap, my butt trembling, just wishing that she would spank me and get it over with.

“Don’t clench,” Alice finally said, as she picked up the paddle.

I almost cried for joy when she raised it high above her shoulder.

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