Sorority House Spanking – Coming July 1

When a dozen freshmen sorority girls break the rules of the house, it’s up to the senior girls to teach them a lesson – a very public lesson.

Below is an excerpt from my latest story, Sorority House Spanking, available July 1st!

I looked around to where Ms Rodriguez stood on the porch. That’s when I saw Arlene, our sorority president standing beside our house mother. Arlene is a big girl, a natural platinum blond, and as my brother liked to say: “built like a brick shit house.” She’s a phenomenal girl, from the top of her head and thick mane of hair, to the tips of her pedicured toes. Every inch of Arlene is perfect; she’s firm without being over-muscled and has smooth, flawless skin.

If there was one thing about Arlene that even hinted at less than perfection, it was her eyes. Oh, they were beautiful, a shade of green found only in the clearest oceans. And Arlene’s eyes seem to be lit with a green fire when she laughs out loud at some of the silly things people do. But when Arlene is angry, she has an unsettling habit of smiling at those who wrong her, showing a mouthful of perfect teeth through her parted lips. And that smile, as beautiful as it is, never reaches Arlene’s eyes.

Those were the eyes that I saw now: a cool smile and cold green eyes.

I also saw the paddle.

Loose in Arlene’s grip was a wooden paddle fully 20 inches long, four inches wide and at least a half-an-inch thick. Every senior girl at the university has a paddle like that – reminiscent of the old days of hazing. These days the paddles are rarely used, yet every sorority girl receives a paddle in her senior year, along with a ceremonial swat to remind her that seniors are expected to enforce the rules of the sorority house.

I didn’t have my own paddle yet. At least not one given to me by the sorority. As a junior, I had to wait another year before I would be presented with the official paddle that would be used on my own butt. (But given my sexual proclivities, you know that I have a few of my own!)

Behind Arlene, I saw a gathering of other sorority girls – all of them seniors, from what I could tell. My sorority president glanced once at me, and I lowered my eyes. I was smiling; I knew she had received my text informing her of the transgression by the freshmen girls. I was not the target of Arlene’s anger, but it was best that I keep my head down and opinions to myself.

I gripped Andrea’s hand a little tighter. “The freshman girls are in trouble,” I whispered. “When they joined the sorority, each and every one of them promised to behave in a manner befitting young women.” I winced at that thought and remembered my own punishment for breaking the rules years earlier. “It’s part of the sorority charter.”

“I didn’t read the charter.”

Andrea looked worried and I smiled at her. “Few of us do,” I replied. “That fine print is more than any of us want to wade through. But as long as you treat Ms Rodriguez and the house with respect, you should be okay.”

Andrea blinked, and her expression changed from one of worry to that of curiosity. She nodded toward the freshmen girls. “Do you think they’ll paddle them?” There was a mixture of excitement and surprise in her voice.

“Just watch,” I replied. “They’ve broken the rules, and I think that’s what’s going to happen.” This group of freshmen was pretty, and they were all strong-willed. Yet they’d cleaned the kitchen as ordered, and then run laps till Ms Rodriguez told them to stop. I wasn’t sure what would happen when the senior girls made their plans known.

“My cousin was in a sorority, and she told me she got paddled.” Andrea’s voice was low, and her eyes were bright. “I thought this college didn’t allow hazing?”

“It’s not hazing,” I replied. “Those girls broke the rules. This is punishment.”

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4 responses to “Sorority House Spanking – Coming July 1

  1. I love this first paragraph. When a dozen freshmen sorority girls break the rules of the house, it’s up to the senior girls to teach them a lesson – a very public lesson. – the last three words, a very PUBLIC LESSON. That is HOT, very PUBLIC. This should be a very exciting & naughty read!

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