Spanking Detective – Work in Progress

Diana Street is a no nonsense private detective who splits her time between spanking her secretary and working a high profile murder case. Along the way, she manages to spank a few other wayward females, as well as straighten out a couple of men who are in desperate need of an “attitude adjustment.” In the excerpt below, Diana teaches her secretary to pay attention to even the smallest of details.

Spanking Detective excerpt

Alice Dark and Spanking Detective: The Case of the Killer Heels

Spanking Detective: The Case of the Killer Heels

Fifteen minutes later, that something showed up in a Bentley: a blonde who appeared to be nearly as tall as me, with a huge set of knockers and a big ass.

“Holy fuck,” I murmured. This girl appeared rich, but classless. Even from across the street, I could see that she was a bleached blonde and that she walked like a hooker. Every step blondie took sent a shimmy through her ass that jiggled that big bubble, like two melons in a nylon bag. She wore an expensive dress, but at this distance, I couldn’t be sure of the designer. The blonde also wore stiletto heels, at least an inch taller than Ruby’s. When I saw those, I knew that Daniel was consistent in his tastes.

I watched as the blonde wriggled up to the front door. I wasn’t surprised when she didn’t ring the doorbell: blondie just flung the door wide and walked in like she owned the place.

Things were getting interesting again. I snagged a fresh memory card from the camera bag and popped it into the video camera. I tracked blondie through the house with my camera, and damned if she didn’t make a beeline for Daniel Lauren. He was still sitting in his easy chair, but now the blonde had his full attention. She shimmied out of her dress as she walked into the room, like a snake shedding its skin. The temperature in my car seemed to rise by 10 degrees when I got a look at that woman’s naked body. She had a true hourglass figure – narrow waist, big tits and wide hips. Fuck, I didn’t care if she was classless, bleached blonde; I wanted to throw that woman down and eat her pussy.

I massaged my love mound as I watched the camera. The blonde was having the same effect on Daniel. He had his cock out and was stroking its length as blondie spread her legs and shook her big ass back and forth in his face. Since she was facing me, I had a good look at the blonde’s tits and pussy. I figured her for a boob job; no one gets tits that big naturally. Her snatch appeared to be shaved clean. I zoomed in on her sweet pussy to be sure.

That’s when the camera futzed out.

“What the fuck?” The screen was blank. I slapped it a couple of time. I got no reaction. At first I suspected the monitor. The connection was touchy. I wiggled the USB connection to make sure it was secure. That’s when I saw flickering green light on the camera that indicated battery life. It pulsed once. Twice. Three times, and then died.

“Goddamnit!” The air in my car quickly turned blue with the curses and invectives that I let out – a steady stream of obscenities aimed at an unfeeling pieces of technology. “You sorry sack of Siberian sheep shit! Goddamn, motherfucking worthless piece of fucking tin and plastic!” My anger grew as I slammed the camera back into its bag. Twisting the key in the ignition, I savagely jammed my car into gear and spun out of Lauren’s neighborhood.

Twenty minutes later, I was in my office, the camera bag dangling from one hand. “Mona!” I was not in a good mood. “Why in the fuck did my battery go dead in the middle of a job?”

Mona looked up from her computer. Her brown eyes were wide in her sweet, brown face. “Ms Diana?” She was confused at my sudden entry and demand. “I put in the extra memory cards.” she protested.

“Memory doesn’t do me any good if the battery dies.”

“But I didn’t know about the battery!”

“A good secretary pays attention to the smallest details.”

“But I just started today!”

I wasn’t in the mood for any of her crap. I dropped the camera bag in a leather chair and stalked across the office. For a moment, Mona was silent, though she wriggled uncomfortably in her chair. “Please,” she murmured and leaned back.

Moving quickly, I grabbed Mona by her thick, dark ponytail. I yanked her forward across her desk, and stepped behind her.

“No! Please!”

Mona kicked and struggled in my grasp, but I had a firm grip in her hair and held her thrashing form on the desk. Before she knew what was happening, I had Mona’s linen skirt raised and tucked into her waistband, and then snatched her panties down around her ankles. Her butt was smooth and round, twin globes of light brown perfection. I held my struggling secretary on the desk for a moment to admire her sweet ass. The flesh trembled as she kicked her feet. I raised my hand high above my shoulder.

“A battery!” I growled. “You should have thought to put a fucking battery in the camera bag!” I took a quick measure of her beautiful round bottom before I let my hand fall.


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2 responses to “Spanking Detective – Work in Progress

  1. Holy Fuck, them’s some great words

  2. Thanks, Billy! I believe this story is going to turn some heads, as well as spank some behinds. 🙂

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