Ashley’s First Stroke – a fragment

“No, Ma’am.” Ashely turned toward the door and reached for the handle. She tried to leave the room.

Mistress Gloria snatched the girl’s arm and dragged her back into the room. “How dare you talk back to me!” the Domina said lowly. “I am your Mistress, and I tell you when you can leave and when you must stay.” Pulling the struggling young woman to the center of the room, Mistress Gloria pointed to a straight-backed chair. “I make the decisions, and you do what you’re told. Disobedience means two more strokes for trying to leave.” Mistress Gloria’s full lips parted in a wicked smile. “You’re up to eight strokes with the cane. If you don’t lift your skirt and bend over that chair, I’ll lay on six more.”

Tears welled in Ashley’s pale, blue eyes. She didn’t feel like she deserved this punishment – nothing so severe as a caning! Ashley opened her mouth to protest, but hesitated when she saw the anger flashing in her Mistress’s eyes. Closing her mouth, Ashley hitched up her skirt and tucked it into her waistband. At first, she tried to cover her exposed bottom with the palms of her hand.

Mistress Gloria tapped the girl’s elbow with the tip of her cane. “Take your hands away, and bend over the chair.”

Tears streamed from Ashley’s eyes. She wanted to beg her Mistress for forgiveness, but knew that would only lead to more strokes. Sobbing, she leaned forward over the chair and gripped the seat tightly.

“Spread your feet apart, next to the back legs of the chair.”

Ashley spread her feet, her fingers tightened on the chair seat.

“Hands lower,” Mistress Gloria said. “Put your legs against the chair legs.”

Ashley stretched, her bottom high and exposed.

Mistress Gloria swished the cane. It produced an evil hiss. “Eight strokes, Ashley, and I want you to count them as we go.”

A sudden high swish cut the air, then Sss-CRACK! The cane landed hard across Ashley’s buttocks, and for a moment, there was numbness in her butt cheeks. Then a fiery pain spread out across her flesh from where the cane had landed, low and burning. It was agony. And still the fire spread across her skin.


5 responses to “Ashley’s First Stroke – a fragment

  1. Cute, back to using the cane huh? 😛

  2. You do write the hottest spanking scenes!

  3. Thank you, my pet. So nice of you to chime in and let me know what you think! I’m glad you enjoyed this short.

  4. Reblogged this on mastererotica60 and commented:
    The cane Ah Yes

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