Two Boys who Earned a Spanking – @wholesomeaddict

I just listened to a lovely Podcast, delivered by two young men who are steeped in hormones, horniness and porn. Sean and the Operator of Wholesome Addiction provide a delightful show that gets your motor running, and then aims you at all kinds of delicious kinks.

(Podcast is here!)

The Podcast is professional, well-timed and delivered with humor and style. I found myself grinning wickedly more than once and discovered many good sites and stories, courtesy of the Podcast.

This week, Sean and the Operator reviewed my latest work: Sorority House Spanking. I recommend you listen to whole Podcast, but if you want to hear what they said about my book right away, run the MP3 up to the 31 minute mark and have a listen.

I love that they took the time to read the book and then review it online. There’s nothing better than hearing what readers think!

And that’s why I’m sending out a special spanking to all the good folks at Wholesome Addiction!


(P.S. Did I mention the panty-soaking porn talk?)

Do you need a Spanking?

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