Spanking Detective – WIP excerpt

I haven’t picked out a cover yet, my dears, but the story is coming along nicely. It will be done this month. Diana Street is a no nonsense private detective who splits her time between spanking her secretary and working a high profile murder case. Along the way, she manages to spank a few other wayward females, as well as straighten out a couple of men who are in desperate need of an “attitude adjustment,” and solve a murder. In the excerpt below, Diana interrogates a house maid for more information.

Spanking Detective Excerpt

“What’s this?” Miyu grinned and picked a paddle that was displayed on the uppermost shelf of my bookcase.

“It’s a reminder from my college days. My sorority initiation paddle.”

Miyu hefted it in both hands and glanced at up at me. “It must really sting,” she said in a low voice. Her black hair dropped over her face, but I knew she was smiling.

I nodded. “Yes, it does. I reddened many a cute freshman’s bottom with that paddle.”

Miyu brushed her hair out of her eyes, and we stared at each other in silence for a long moment. Without thinking, I leaped out of my chair and crossed the room in just two strides. Miyu backed away from me, her dark almond-shaped eyes glittering. I didn’t let her get away. Pinning Miyu against the wall, I kissed her, probing her mouth deeply with my tongue. She moaned and arched her body against mine. Miyu was naked under her simple dress, and I felt the heat of her desire throbbing in every curve of Miyu’s sweet flesh. She wanted this: my lips on hers, and my paddle across her ass, impacting the stripes she’d received the day before. I was more than happy to oblige.

Our clothes seemed to melt away; her fingers flickered like butterflies, pulling off my t-shirt and dragging the zipper on my black jeans to its base. I wriggled out of my pants as Miyu’s hands fluttered over my body. Her dress came off easily, and Miyu kicked away her shoes to stand barefoot and naked in my office.

Grabbing a handful of Miyu’s hair, I turned her around and threw face down onto the futon that I keep in my office for just such occasions. She moaned as she hit the fabric, and I had a good view of the livid red marks Daniel left on her ass with the previous day’s switching. Naked, I knelt beside her and examined each weal, tracing them with my fingertips and my lips, reading her whippings like Braille. Miyu’s flesh was a maze of bruises: some fresh and some fading. Her backside was a rainbow of blue hues – from dark purple to light blue. Miyu had been spanked, whipped and paddled. And judging from her tormented flesh, the young woman had absorbed massive amounts of punishment over the last several weeks.

Miyu moaned again and raised her ass to meet my hand. One of my fingers slid down the cleft of her behind. I probed her butthole with the tip of my finger. She giggled and pressed back against my digit. “Oh, yes.” It was a whisper. Not at all the confident voice I’d heard at the police station. This whisper was growly and low, and she tried to get more of my finger into her ass. “I’ve been a bad girl,” she said lowly.

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9 responses to “Spanking Detective – WIP excerpt

  1. Wow! That was freaking hot! Very, very hot! Wonderful scene playing in my head right now!

    Love the last paragraph as well! 🙂 *evil grin*

    • Wait till the story’s done, my dear. So much to tell! A murder. A spanking. A death. Another spanking. Some anal play. Another spanking. A mystery to be solved. More sex play.

      This is a story with a plot, and I’m working on some of the sex even at this moment. 🙂

  2. Sounds great! It really does! What kind of “sex” are we talking about here though? Just curious.

  3. I have 2 agree with 101 about the last paragraph. Especially that last line! Also agree with husband times 3. I 4 one love F/f sex, especially when it comes with lots of spanking. I wait with baited breath for the release!

    • Thanks, Billy! I’m having fun with this story, writing about 1,000 words a night. I’ve always wanted to be a Private Eye, but never got the chance to pursue that career. Believe me … if I had an office, I’d have a secretary, and I’d be spanking between cases!

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