Spell for Spanking – Coming soon!

When a young witch inadvertently gives a fiery red-head a spanking potion, it arouses dark passions in the elf half-breed, leading to a night of spanking, lust and love. This story will be finished before month’s end, and I promise it’s another wicked tale of f/f romance, pleasure and spanking!

In this excerpt, Tasha is seated at a bus stop and has just taken a sip of what she thinks is a “clear-though and eloquent speaking” potion. Isabel, the witch who made the potion, has realized the mistake and prevented Tasha from downing the entire brew. Unfortunately, Isabel caught a face full of the potion, and she, too, is under its spell.

Spell for Spanking – an excerpt

“I don’t get it. Why do we have to leave?”

“It’s a love potion. You drank some. I got some in my eyes.” Isabel clasped Tasha’s hands in her own. She wasn’t sure whether she was trying to convince the girl to leave, or if she just wanted to touch Tasha’s cool skin. Given how fast the potion was working, probably a little of both. “Look,” she said, pulling the redhead closer. Tasha’s lips were maddeningly full and ripe, and for a moment, Isabel was taken into a wild fantasy that included biting them in a full kiss. “It’s not just a love potion,” Isabel groaned. She fought back an image of wrestling Tasha to the ground and fucking her hard and tried to regain her senses. “That potion was made for dark passion, the kind of passion no one in this town needs to see outside of a bedroom. You took some. I took some.” Isabel leaned closer and brushed her lips against Tasha’s neck.

The redhead jerked back. “What the hell?” But despite the unexpected attention from Isabel, Tasha felt her body respond; she wanted the young woman. She wanted her right now – naked in the street.

Something was wrong. Very wrong.

Isabel’s eyes were slitted – half-closed and dreamy. “It’s affecting me already,” Isabel murmured. “You’re next.” Isabel pulled Tasha close to her breasts. “Now. We have to get off the street. Go someplace private.”

Through Isabel’s thin blouse, Tasha felt the shopkeeper’s heart beating – a harsh thump-thump-thump that seemed to rattle the young woman’s chest. Amazingly, Tasha’s own heart tried to match the beat, jumping in syncopation at every pump and gush. Her face was flushed. Heat flashed through her body. Tasha gasped, her green eyes flashing.

“I have a car,” Tasha said, and snatched Isabel up from the bench. “I was just sitting here while I drank that damned potion.” The redhead looked around wildly. “Come on!” She dragged Isabel across the street to a black, convertible Mustang. “Get in here. Now!”

Instead, Isabel shoved Tasha against the car. “First a kiss,” she demanded, wrapping her arms around the young woman. Her groping hands found Tasha’s butt, and Isabel yanked the young woman into her, arching her pelvis forward so that she could grind her pussy against the redhead’s thigh. Isabel’s lips closed on Tasha’s at the same time that she thrust her slim body forward.

This isn’t your typical witches tale!

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3 responses to “Spell for Spanking – Coming soon!

  1. This isn’t your typical witches tale! So far what I have read, it’s not been! 🙂

  2. But it is typically HOT! I thank you once again!

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