Spell for Spanking – Cover Reveal

naked woman in a bikini on a white backgroundThe story is in its final phases: editing and polishing. But I’ve taken this slow time to design the cover for Spell for Spanking (available August 5th!). Let me know what you think of the design.

–Alice Dark

Spell for Spanking on Amazon US
Spell for Spanking on Amazon UK
Spell for Spanking on Barnes & Noble
Spell for Spanking on All Romance
Spell for Spanking on Smashwords

4 responses to “Spell for Spanking – Cover Reveal

  1. Very hot cover! I’ll bet what’s inside will 2 die 4

    • Thanks, Billy! And yep. The story breaks new ground for me, and Sophia and I had to try out a few things, just to make sure I got the scenes correct. 🙂

  2. Test marketing. I love it! Sexy, attractive cover. Without the title, however, I wouldn’t know that it had anything to do with spanking.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Cara. I appreciate it. I was worried that folks might not realize that it’s a spanking book. But I also wanted them to understand that it’s a lesbian romance — that just so happens to have some spanking in it. As much as I like the image, I’m not certain I succeeded on either level.

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