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Tanya gets the Hairbrush – a fragment

“I want you to bend over the desk, Tanya.”

Tanya was trembling. Her bottom lip quivered, and she opened her blue eyes wide. She was about to protest my decision – to plead with me. To beg forgiveness.

I didn’t repeat myself, merely pointed at the desk with my large, wooden hairbrush. I was unmoved by her desperate gaze. I could almost feel the butterflies batting about in her stomach, the panic and fear gnarled together in Tanya’s mind. I narrowed my eyes at this young woman. There would be punishment before I forgave her transgressions.

Tanya bit her lips and shuffled forward, the soles of her patent leather shoes making a gentle shush-shush sound as she crossed the floor. Behind us, Sylvia Jenkins bowed her head. She was next, and Sylvia knew that this was a preview of her own punishment.

“Slip off your panties, and then lay across the desk. Arms and tummy flat on the desk, and spread your feet shoulder-width apart.”

Tanya’s face crumpled when she realized that I wouldn’t change my mind, that this punishment would continue. Yet, the young woman obeyed and moments later her bottom was high in the air, the light material of her pleated skirt trembling as Tanya’s body shook, awaiting the first impact. I loved the rounded curve of Tanya’s backside, even hidden as it was by the plaid skirt. She was a beautiful girl, with a firm body and lush figure. Her long, slim legs were bare: pale and smoothly muscled.

I raised Tanya’s skirt above her bottom and tucked it in at her waistband. Behind me, Sylvia gasped; she dreaded her own spanking, especially now that she understood that it would be on the bare bottom. I smiled to myself and glanced over my shoulder at the frightened girl. Sylvia’s eyes were wide, and she stared hard at Tanya’s exposed backside.

“Open your legs a little wider,” I said, tapping Tanya’s ass smartly with the hairbrush. The girl jumped at the unexpected impact, and then spread her feet just a little bit wider.

“Please, Ms. Wilkins.” Her cry was a plaintive moan. “I promise. I’ll never do it again. Never!”

I tapped Tanya’s bare bottom with the brush. “I know you won’t, my dear.” Then I stepped back and set my feet and held the brush lightly against Tanya’s quivering left cheek. I got a feel for the distance, and then brought the hairbrush high above my right shoulder. Sylvia’s sympathetic whimpers joined Tanya’s; it was a stereo effect of fear.

Then I brought that heavy wooden brush down in a big arc and accurately whacked Tanya’s meaty behind. I felt the brush smack into the soft flesh of the girl’s bottom, and her upturned ass jiggled with the force of the strike.


Tanya’s wailing joined the ferocious impact of the wooden brush, and I knew that she was correct; Tanya wouldn’t break the rules again.