Vicki’s Spanking – a fragment

Spanking Story

Spanking Story

“Down,” she said. “I want you to lay across my knees.”

Trembling, Vicki approached slowly and draped herself over Ms Wilson’s lap. Her pelvis rested on the older woman’s right leg, and Vicki’s firm breasts just cleared the outside of Ms Wilson’s left leg.

Ms Wilson rested hand in the small of Vicki’s back, above the girl’s panty-covered bottom. “We don’t tolerate thieves in my store,” Ms Wilson said, rubbing gentle circles. “You can still go to the police station, if you’d rather take your chances in court.”

Vicki’s hands were flat on the floor below, and the blood rushed to her head. She pictured herself from Ms Wilson’s point of view, and shook violently as she thought about the punishment to come.

“No,” she said. Vicki’s voice was a whisper. “I can’t go to the police.” Despite the fear that shook her body, Vicki’s mind was clear. “I’ll lose my scholarship.”

Vicki’s fears were based in fact. The university did not tolerate thieves. Ms Wilson knew that the girl would not only would lose her scholarship; she would be expelled and sent home.

The older woman smiled and laid the wooden hairbrush on the young woman’s right cheek – partially covering the girl’s panties, but still on a good portion of Vicki’s smooth skin. The younger woman took a sharp breath when she felt the smooth wooden implement resting on her flesh.

“Breathe, girl.” Ms Wilson raised her hairbrush high. “Holding your breath will only make it worse.”

Then, without warning, the older woman brought the hairbrush down hard. It landed on Vicki’s flesh with a meaty smack, and Ms Wilson’s lips curled in a smile when she saw the firm roundness of the Vicki’s half-covered bottom flatten under the sharp blow.

“Ow!” Vicki cried. Against Ms Wilson’s advice, the young woman held her breath under first strike, and her cry of pain was a sharp exhalation of fear, as well as the fire that she felt in her behind. Vicki’s eyes filled with tears as the burning spread across her right buttock.

Before she could take another breath, the hairbrush smacked again, this time on the left side of her butt. Again Vicki yelled in pain, but Ms Wilson paid no attention to the girl’s cries. The brush rose and fell in a steady series of blows, striking Vicki’s bottom at random.

3 responses to “Vicki’s Spanking – a fragment

  1. I absolotely love this story!!!! BTW I have a gift for you Alice please check your email A.S.A.P!

  2. Also the photo is perfect!

  3. Had to read the story again. 🙂 even though it was short, it was sweet.

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