Lindsay Deserves a Spanking – a fragment

Woman in White Suit Showing Her BottomThe courtroom was eerily silent, despite the crowd gathered to see Lindsay’s punishment.

Lindsay was a bad girl, naughty through and through. She drank. She cursed. For years, Lindsay had flaunted the laws of the land with impunity. And due to the scads of money that her family spent in the village, the townsfolk had largely put up with the young women’s misbehaviors.

But even a rich girl can go too far in her quest for fun. There are boundaries that should never be crossed, no matter how pretty or wealthy the young woman. Lindsay had finally been brought to justice for her many misdeeds.

Lindsay felt the air around her grow hot as the crowd pushed closer. Their gathered breath was harsh and raspy, steaming the small courtroom with an expectant desire for the young woman’s pain. Lindsay was gagged and bent over the back of a chair, naked, with her hands and ankles secured the the seat and legs. This was to prevent the wicked girl from trying to stand and run away. Lindsay’s long, honey blond hair was tied into a pony tail and doubled over, so as not to obscure the young woman’s lovely face. And now Lindsay blushed as she felt the eyes of the gathered men and women fix upon her prominent naked ass. Looking out of the corner of her eye, Lindsay saw that men and women alike were adjusting their clothing to make it easier to stroke themselves as they watched her get her lovely (and very privileged) bottom whipped.

Lindsay’s ass was the young woman’s best feature. Make no mistake: The girl had lovely, full breasts sprinkled with a handful of freckles, as well as a slim waist, flaring hips and an otherwise smooth complexion. But it was Lindsay’s bottom that commanded people’s attention when she walked away. Full and round, it seemed to dance inside her tight pants, begging for a whipping.

And now, that particular punishment grew closer.

Behind Lindsay, a judge picked up a wide, black belt that had a bright silver buckle on one end. The judge had discarded her long, judicial robes for the punishment of Lindsay, and she now wore tight jeans and a simple white blouse. The judge flexed the belt and took a few practice swings. Around the young woman, the air whirred as the belt cut the space between Lindsay and the judge.

Slowly, the judge took a position to the right of Lindsay’s bottom, held out the folded-over belt, and measured the distance between her and the bad girl. Lindsay felt the leather strap lay against her bottom cheeks, and her flesh quivered with fear and anticipation.

“You will count the strokes, Lindsay.” The judge dragged the leather belt over Lindsay’s tender flesh, and then leaned forward to free the young woman from her ballgag. “If you miss counting a single stroke, I will begin this punishment again.”

Lindsay groaned and worked her jaw. There was much that she wanted to say to this judge and the people gathered closely in the courtroom. But before Lindsay could collect her thoughts, the judge asked a question.

“Are you ready, Lindsay?” The cool leather of the belt against her lush bottom lifted. The room was silent. Lindsay opened her mouth.


Lindsay screamed, but it didn’t drown out the collective sharp intake of breath from the crowd pressing close to her punishment. Many of the men and women gripped one another, spooning when they saw the bright red blush spread across Lindsay’s bottom.

“One!” Lindsay cried out, dancing on her toes.

Spell for Spanking

Spell for Spanking

Spanking Detective: The Case of the Killer Heels

Spanking Detective: The Case of the Killer Heels


photo credit: pinkiwinkitinki via photopin cc

One response to “Lindsay Deserves a Spanking – a fragment

  1. Very cute story to wake up too. 🙂

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