Daily Archives: August 18, 2013

Getting Ready to Spank Sophia – a fragment

Spanking_Story003“Are you ready?” I look up at Sophia and pat my lap with one hand; with the other hand, I hold the tips of her cool fingers. Sophia’s head is down, but her jaw is set firmly, and her eyes are bright with expectation. She nods, her dark ponytail bobbing up and down, and composes herself prior to laying across my knees.

Certainly, it would be easier for my girlfriend to lay across the top of my desk, or to take her normal position bent over the back of the Spanking Chair. But this time Sophia chooses to be spanked on the bare bottom over my knee. It’s a conscious decision. OTK is more intimate than simply “assuming the position.” And I guess in some ways, being naked across my thighs makes Sophia feel like a little girl again – safe and secure.

For this particular spanking, we’re on the couch, and Sophia wiggles and snuggles, till she’s tight in my lap. Her pubic bone is against my thigh; her ass is round and a lovely shade of light brown; the bruises have faded from our last encounter. I rest my hand on her brown bottom before we begin, and I remember how much I love Sophia.