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Tanya’s Spanking with a Hairbrush – a fragment

Stephanie considered the hairbrush she held in her hands. It was a handmade in Italy, a large oval Widu, made from ash wood and shaped like a paddle. Its bristles stood out at regular angles, but the flat side was smooth and wide. “Are you sure you’re ready for this?” Stephanie asked her girlfriend, raising the brush for inspection.

Tanya’s eyes widened. She smoothed her pretty skirt and gulped. Inside, she shuddered with anticipation. “Yes,” she murmured. “Oh, yes, please!” Tanya’s voice was a whisper, and she trembled as she eyed the brush. Over the years, Tanya had been spanked many times by male lovers who understood Tanya’s need for a bright bloom across her pale buttocks. And while the sex had been good – Tanya loved the feeling of a cock buried deep inside of her – the spankings had been clumsy: half-hearted attempts that didn’t satisfy her desire for a strong hand across her bottom. Tanya hoped that choosing a woman as her partner would change all of that – that somehow, Stephanie would be different. That the young woman would lay a passionate fire into her ass. Tanya looked up from the brush into Stephanie’s bright, green eyes, and something told her she was right.

Stephannie firmly took Tanya across her lap, allowing the young woman’s breasts to rest on the cool leather of the couch. Tanya’s hair fanned out, and she turned her head to the side. “On my bare bottom,” she whispered.

“Of course,” Stephanie replied. She placed the brush on the small of Tanya’s back and trailed the tips of her fingers up and down Tanya’s trembling legs. And then Tanya felt the stir of air as Stephanie lifted her short pleated skirt to expose the young woman’s white, cotton panties. Tanya felt a finger slip into the waistband, and she raised her bottom – creamy white and smooth as silk – so that Stephanie had easy access to remove her panties. A shudder danced across Tanya’s exposed flesh, and she felt herself becoming wet as she heard Stephanie’s appreciative gasp. Wickedly, Tanya wiggled her bottom, inviting the first smack of what she hoped would be a sound spanking.

Laying her right hand across Tanya’s back, Stephanie raised the brush high and brought it down smartly on Tanya’s right bottom cheek. The sound was like a rifle shot, and the young woman screamed her pleasure.