Chloe Learns to Thank Her Mistress – a fragment

“It’s time for you to pay for your disobedience.”

Chloe stood naked and trembling in front her Mistress. The young woman’s head was down, and she studied her Mistress’s booted feet. Chloe’s hands were clasped in front of her to prevent any fidgeting. Mistress Arlene hated it when Chloe fidgeted. Still the young woman wiggled her toes and swayed slightly from side to side. Chloe had spent more than an hour in the punishment corner – naked, with her hands above her head, while Mistress Arlene watched from the comfort of her own chair.

“This is what’s going to happen,” Mistress Arlene said. Her voice was low and rich, a deep contralto that sent a shivering thrill through Chloe’s naked form. “You will thank me after every stroke. If you do not, we will begin again.” Mistress Arlene walked slowly around the trembling girl, speaking in rhythm to her steps. “You will not scream. Nor will you shriek. Is that understood?”

Dizzy from watching her Mistress pace a tight circle around her, Chloe could only nod. She bit her bottom lip, lest a cry escape her lips in advance of her punishment.

“If you move during your punishment, I will begin again. If you place your hands on your bottom, I will begin again.” Mistress Arlene paused in front of the girl. “Are you listening to me, Chloe?”

Chloe bobbed her head and twisted her fingers tightly together. “I understand, ma’am,” she murmured.

Behind the young blond girl, a door opened. “Your brush, Mistress.” It was Jacqueline with Mistress Arlene’s Frederic Fekkai classic oval brush, a strong implement with boar’s bristles. Inwardly, Chloe moaned; it wasn’t the bristles that would touch her hair, but the back of the brush that would redden her bottom.

“Bring it here, Jacqueline. Then have a seat. I want you to watch this.”

Chloe watched as the nude brunette stepped in front of her to hand the heavy brush to Mistress Arlene; the Mistress preferred her subs to be naked at all times during service.

“Follow me Chloe.” Mistress Arlene led the young woman to the straight-backed Spanking Chair. “Lean over, and assume the position.”

A single tear slid down Chloe’s cheek as she untwisted her fingers and bent over the chair. She gripped the seat tightly, and knew that her ass was at the perfect height for a sound whipping.

“If I have to begin this session again, Chloe, I’ll use the cane for any future strokes,” Mistress Arlene growled. “Do you understand me?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Chloe’s voice was a squeak, and out of the corner of her eye, she saw Jacqueline put her hands to her mouth. The young woman’s eyes sparkled, and Chloe realized that Jacqueline was delighted by the upcoming punishment.

“You will receive 20 strokes, Chloe. Are you ready?”

Mistress Arlene didn’t wait for an answer, but raised the brush high and brought it down with a sharp whack! on Chloe’s upturned behind.

Chloe felt the first bloom of fire spread across her quivering bottom cheeks, and she screamed out: “Thank you, Mistress!”

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