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Coming Soon – Camp Spank

I take my reader’s requests and fantasies seriously, and reader fantasies are the genesis of my latest story – Camp Spank. Not long ago, one reader requested a military story, while another wants me to explore voyeurism. In Camp Spank, I combined the two fantasies for a delicious story about two young women who break the Army’s rules and cause misery for the rest of their squad. The other women in the troop band together to punish the wayward privates, but that punishment is exposed when two young men sneak into camp to spy on the girls.

In the excerpt below, Sergeant Dominique Watson, a tall, Amazonian black woman, informs her squad leader, Private Lori Griffin, that her squad of young women has received a serious number of demerits. As leader of the squad, Lori agrees to be punished for their misdeeds.

Camp Spank excerpt
As the sergeant re-entered Lori’s field of view, the young private caught sight of a long, thin stick. It looked like a pointer, about four feet long, with a curiously curved handle. Lori said nothing, but she watched Dominique closely out of the corner of her eye.

“It’s really just two privates in your squad who got the majority of those demerits.” Without an explanation, Dominique placed the stick in Lori’s lap and then leaned against her desk, towering over the young private. “Private Bekins and Private Meriwether earned 16 of those infractions.” Dominique licked her dark lips and folded her arms across her ample breasts. She crossed her legs and leaned further back against the desk. “That means that the rest of your squad did well, with just five demerits.”

Lori heard the words, but the meaning just wasn’t sinking in. She was too focused on the object Dominique had placed in her lap. It wasn’t a stick, nor a pointer. It was a cane about four feet long with a curved handle. But it was too thin to support any weight. The cane was barely a half an inch thick at its widest and tapered to less than quarter of an inch. Along its length were five knuckles that appeared to have been rubbed smooth. The cane had a dull shine under the glare of the overhead fluorescent lights, and Lori wrapped her trembling fingers around the cane’s center so that it didn’t fall to the floor.

“Are you listening to me, Lori?”

At the sound of her name, the young private snapped her gaze upward. She met the black woman’s dark eyes with her own and swallowed hard. “My squad did well, except-”

Dominique cut the young woman off. “There is no except, Lori. Your squad is a team, and you’re the leader of that team.”

Lori nodded slowly. Her sergeant’s dark skin gleamed under the harsh light. “Yes, ma’am. I am the squad leader.”

“That cane you’re holding is made of rattan,” Dominique said. Lori shook her head and blinked her wide blue eyes at sudden change in subject. “I’ve had that cane for several years,” Dominique continued, “and I’ve only used it when I thought that a young woman was in a bad situation, yet still worth saving.”

Lori took a long, shuddering breath. She gripped the cane tightly. “Used it, ma’am?”

“Military justice can be harsh, Lori. You and I both know that.” Dominique leaned forward slightly, and it was only then that Lori noticed that the sergeant had unbuttoned the top button of her green fatigue shirt. Her sergeant’s cleavage was stunning, and for a moment, Lori had trouble focusing on the conversation. “It’s true that Bekins and Meriwether would bear the brunt of any punishment that comes as a result of those demerits, but you, too, would be affected.”

Lori licked her lips as she looked up at the black woman. A mixture of fear and lust blew through the young woman like a cold wind, and the private trembled as she sat in the wooden chair, tightly gripping the cane. Lori was focused entirely on the black woman now. The way her lips moved when she spoke. The bright pink of her tongue. Her teeth, big and almost luminous.

“I want you to stand up, Lori.” Dominique moved the glass and bottle of liquor to one side of the desk and then motioned to the young private. “Hand me the cane, and then lean over my desk.”

That’s all for now, my dears. Watch for Camp Spank, coming soon!