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Meg Spanked Blue – a fragment

Tanya tapped her knuckles against the smooth, wide surface of her homemade pine paddle. A solid series of thunks sounded from the highly polished wooden implement. Meg looked up at the sound. “Damnit,” she murmured. “I was sure that she had forgotten.”

Tanya hadn’t forgotten. Given that her hair was still streaked with blue, it was unlikely that Tanya would forget anytime soon.

“Over here, Meg.” Tanya sat down on a sturdy, straight backed chair. “I want you to lay across my lap.”

Meg hung her head. She’s really going to do this, the young redhead realized. “It was just a prank, Tanya.” Meg shook her head, her eyes wide and pleading. “I didn’t mean any harm.”

Tanya didn’t reply. She adjusted her skirt, and then slightly parted her legs. The older woman patted her knee with one hand and arched a meaningful eyebrow. Make no mistake: Meg was terrified of both the paddle and Tanya’s foul mood. But the blue dye in her girlfriend’s shampoo had been an awesome prank.

Meg finally sighed and hid her smile behind her hand. “Yes, ma’am,” she said, and arranged herself face down across Tanya’s lap. Meg’s breasts flattened against Tanya’s knees, and she was able to put her palms flat on the floor. It was a humiliating position, but Meg still thought the prank funny and worth her time.

A sudden breeze on her bottom startled Meg, and she realized that Tanya girlfriend had flipped up her skirt to reveal Meg’s blue, silk panties. Tanya hooked her fingers into the waistband of the panties, and dragged them down to Meg’s knees.

“Oh please, Tanya.” There was a shiver of fear in Meg’s voice. “Not on the bare bottom!” The prank that only moments ago had seemed worthwhile, was now turning sour in her mind.

“Meg, today you acted like a little girl, instead of a young woman.” Tanya shook her head forward and stared ruefully at the streaks of blue throughout her brunette locks. It would take a proper dye-job at a proper salon to restore her color. And that would be expensive, and expense neither of the girls had budgeted for. “You’ve been a naughty girl, and you’re about to spanked in the traditional naughty girl way – a sound bare bottom paddling.

Tanya pressed the paddle against Meg’s bottom; the highly polished surface was cool against Meg’s flesh, though the young girl thought she felt something liquid on her bottom. Before Meg could turn her head to investigate, Tanya raised the paddle high and brought it down on the young woman’s left bottom cheek with a loud splat.

Meg hissed. God that stung!

Crack! Another hard smack, this time to Meg’s right bottom cheek.

Meg kicked her feet and twisted her head wildly. It was only then that Meg saw that the face of the paddle was covered in a wet, blue dye.