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Reader requests and fantasies are the genesis of my latest story – Camp Spank. Not long ago, one reader requested a military story, while another wants me to explore voyeurism. In Camp Spank, I combined the two fantasies for a delicious story about two young women who break the Army’s rules and cause misery for the rest of their squad. The other women in the troop band together to punish the wayward privates, but that punishment is exposed when two young men sneak into camp to spy on the girls.

In the excerpt below, Private Lori Griffin carefully steers her squadmates toward a punishment of Mandy and Bri that will satisfy the rest of the young women in the squad, and yet still stay within her sergeant’s guidelines of “no permanent damage.”

“I’m as pissed off as any of you,” Lori said finally. Darkness had closed in on the four women, and they were sitting at a picnic table outside of the squad’s tent. The rest of Charlie Squad had turned in for the evening, though they could hear the girls squabbling inside the canvas structure. “But we have to do this correctly.” Lori wriggled on the bench; her butt was still sore from the previous evening’s whipping.

“Fuck correct.” Staci spit the words out. “Those fucking cunts are the reason we’re out here tonight.”

“Yeah!” Rosemary swept her fingers through her bright red hair. “I’m tired of this shit.”

“We could break their knees.” Kiyoko’s face was impassive, though her bright green eyes sparkled. The Asian girl was serious, and Lori knew that she had to steer the conversation away from permanent damage. If either Mandy or Bri had serious injuries in the morning, the entire squad would suffer.

“No,” Lori whispered fervently. She thought about the sergeant’s warning against a blanket party. “If we do anything dangerous or permanent, we’ll all end up in the stockade.”

“So you’re saying we should let them go?” There was a warning note in Staci’s voice. Her rage would not be denied.

“I’m not saying that at all.”

“So what are you saying?” Rosemary’s anger grew alongside of Staci’s. She was tired of suffering for the behavior of two people she didn’t give a shit about.

“I’m saying that we can have a party for those two. Tonight.”

“A party?” Kiyoko arched a perfectly formed eyebrow. “Returning good for evil fits with Buddhist thought, but I don’t believe it will work with those two. They are intractable.”

“Not just any party,” Lori said. “A certain kind of party.” The young brunette was careful with her words. She couldn’t defy Sergeant Watson’s orders, but Lori believed that Dominique would approve of what she had planned. “Every woman in this squad has a hairbrush.”


“We have a hairbrush party.” Lori squirmed on the bunk. Her ass burned as she thought about the type of punishment she was about to propose. It would be appropriate and timely. “And during the party, each and every one of the women in our troop extracts 15 demerits worth of punishment out of Mandy and Bri.”


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50 responses to “Camp Spank – Coming Soon #SatSpanks #ASMSG

  1. I can’t wait to hear more on the actual punishment please… :)HOT. You know I can’t open your site with my kids around, right? All those damned covers. LOVE them.

  2. So just how many does that at add up to? Those two boys are going to get an eyeful. I love voyeurism in a story. Its just so naughty!

    • Hmmm … let’s see. Lori, Kiyoko, Staci and Rosemary make four. That’s a nice start. But there are 20 young women in this squad, and Bri and Mandy have managed to piss all of them off. 😉 Thanks for reading, Tara!

  3. Very hot!!
    I like military stories!
    Great job, Alice

    • Thanks, Katherine! There’s a bit of the old military in this particular story – back when they still believe a good caning might help a soldier learn a little quicker. 😉

  4. Your ideas are always so much fun! You know how to turn spanking into a sport!

  5. That’s some punishment – I hate hairbrushes! But it’s a wonderful scene and I’m going to love reading the actual punishment.

  6. My butt hurts just reading that, girl. Ouchie!

  7. A hairbrush party? That doesn’t sound good. (Well, sort of)

  8. Yes…oh that was rhetorical? lol That sounds scary painful my dear…

  9. Hairbrush party? Ooooo. Wow. Very hot. Even though I wouldn’t trust my klutzy self with a gun, this sounds like my kind of camp.

  10. I’m so freaking excited on hearing about the hairbrush party!!!! 🙂 *evil grin*

  11. Kiyoko scares me a little, but I can picture her anger too. Looking forward to reading more.

    • I’m still trying to decide whether I should let Kiyoko deliver a spanking to someone other than Bri and Mandy. The hairbrush party, while boisterous and delivering a punishing message, is somewhat controlled. Lori is not as violent as Kiyoko, but she’s clearly the leader of the squad. But there are other spankings and whippings to be delivered in this novelette … and I wonder – should I let Kiyoko have a swing?

      Thanks for reading, Celeste. You’ve given me much to think about.

  12. “We have a hairbrush party.” Lori squirmed on the bunk. Her ass burned as she thought about the type of punishment she was about to propose. It would be appropriate and timely. “And during the party, each and every one of the women in our troop extracts 15 demerits worth of punishment out of Mandy and Bri.”

    15 demerits, does that equal 15 spanks that each girl gets to give to the lovely ladies??? If so….ouchie, ouchie, ouchie!

  13. Sounds yummy! I’d be scared to let Kiyoko get a swat in. She’d probably use more force than was needed. Maybe she does, and gets punished just like the girls she hates? It’d add a bit of humiliation to the story! 😉

  14. Alice that is a great story idea! And for the record, I like “NSFW” and anything that says “censored” on it, I’m drawn to like a moth to a bug zapper. Heh.

  15. This gives me serious shivers! I love it, Alice!

  16. OOh I can’t wait to come to this party! Loved it Alice 🙂

  17. Five star excellence as usual. Can’t wait!

  18. Makes me wonder about the “new Army” — is it so new after all? 🙂 I love the dynamic here. Well done.

  19. A hairbrush party…count me in!!!

  20. ooh, a hairbrush party!! Sounds like my kind of party!

  21. Looking forward to hearing more #Iamwriting tweets tonight. 🙂 if at all possible, and if it does not slow you down. Do not want you to lose your train of thought

  22. So good, Alice. Sometimes the ones in anger are best ones of all. . .

  23. Oh my… shivering in anticipation.

  24. I like NSFW, too. Can’t wait to read about the punishment.

  25. She’s squirming on her bunk and I’m squirming on mine. Oh wow! I want to have a hairbrush party! Er…or maybe not, but I do want to read about one! Excellent snippet, Alice! Also, you have the most sexy covers going on!

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