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Camp Spank – Coming this Week! – #SatSpanks #ASMSG

The story was delayed a bit when Sophia and I both came down with vicious colds at the same time. Not long after, Sophia had a fender bender. She’s okay – a bit banged up – but the car is a mess.

But now I’m back on track, and this work will soon be done – most likely by week’s end.

Reader requests and fantasies are the genesis of Camp Spank. Not long ago, one reader requested a military story, while another wants me to explore voyeurism. In Camp Spank, I combine the fantasies for a delicious story about two young women who break the Army’s rules and cause misery for the rest of their squad. The other women in the troop band together to punish the wayward privates, but that punishment is exposed when two young men sneak into camp to spy on the girls.

In the excerpt below, Daniel peeps into the recruits’ tent as they get ready for the hairbrush party. Even though Daniel is confused by what he sees, the sight of 20 half-dressed women has awed the young man.

“I’ve got my brush.” Staci didn’t bother to put on her bra, but instead held up a wide hairbrush. Daniel noted its paddle-shape and wondered if the recruits would be doing each other’s hair this late in the evening. He didn’t know much about hairdressing, but he hoped it was an activity that would be done in the nude.

“Keep your voice down until we get them secure.”

Staci said no more, but fell into step behind Kiyoko. As the beam of light swept across the tent, more of the young women sat up in their sleeping bags. They looked around and rubbed their eyes in apparent confusion.

“Over here.” It was the first girl Kiyoko had awakened – Lori – who called the other three girls. Daniel was confused. If this was a hairdressing party, he wondered why there weren’t more lights. He wanted to see the girls. Wanted to watch them with their fingers in each other’s hair. The flashlight beam did an okay job of illuminating the tent, but Daniel wanted more. He wanted to see what was happening.

“Now!” Lori whispered. “Don’t let her make a sound!”


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Paddle or Crop – a fragment

The paddle landed on Stephanie’s bare bottom with a loud pop!, and the young woman cried out in astonishment at the sudden stinging pain in her bottom cheeks. Yet before she could protest, the wooden paddle whooshed again through the air, this time landing lower on her bottom than the first strike. Stephanie clenched her butt tightly against the fiery smack, and she howled in pain. The young woman gritted her teeth in preparation for the next impact. Her naked thighs drummed against Mistress Nancy’s smoothly muscled legs.

“Enough!” Stephanie’s Mistress hissed, one arm wrapped around the flailing girl. The paddle connected again, this time a full smack! on Stephanie’s left bottom cheek. Pain swept up through the young woman’s flesh like an electric charge. A tormented moan escaped Stephanie’s lips, and she tried not to wiggle in Mistress Nancy’s grasp.

After Mistress Nancy delivered several more quick strokes, Stephanie burst into tears. Her bottom was on fire, and the skin of her butt was clearly marked with the impacts of the paddle.

Out of the darkness, a woman moved forward. Her dark eyes were bright and glittering in the gloom of the dungeon; her lips twisted in a wicked smile.

“I don’t know, Nancy,” said Mistress Ella, stepping further into the circle of light that surrounded Mistress Nancy and her slave girl. Dragging her own submissive behind her, Mistress Ella bent to examine the impacts on Stephanie’s bottom. “I think that paddle is too light. Why don’t you try my crop?”