Daily Archives: September 25, 2013

Ashley is Spanked – a fragment

“Do you understand why I am going to spank you, Ashley?” Clara was seated in a straight-backed chair, and she addressed her girlfriend calmly.

“I don’t see why I have to be spanked, Clara.” Ashley stamped her pretty, little foot and fumed. “I’m not a little girl anymore!”

Clara maintained her poised demeanor, though her bright green eyes were like chips of glass. She kept her voice low and even. “You got another parking ticket this morning, and you didn’t mail the credit card bill.” Ashley sputtered and opened her mouth to protest. Clara raised a single finger. “You left a sink full of dirty dishes this morning, and there appears to be a new dent in the car.”

“I can explain that!”

“I got a call from your English professor today.” Clara arched one eyebrow high. “You haven’t been to class all week.”

Ashley gulped. She didn’t think Clara would catch her skipping classes. Not again. Not after what happened last time.

“I’ve warned you,” Clara said. “Over and over, we’ve talked about your behavior and what must be done if you expect to graduate from college. Isn’t that right?

Ashley stood pigeon-toed with her hands behind her back. By now, she’d dropped her head, and her blond hair hung in front of her face. “Yeah,” she whispered. “I guess so.”

Clara bent to her large handbag and retrieved her hairbrush. “And your treatment of me: Is that really how you want to treat your girlfriend?”

Ashley trembled and pushed out her bottom lip. “No, Clara,” she said. “I really didn’t mean to treat you badly. It’s just that so much is happening!”

Clara shook her head slowly. “There’s never a reason to be bad, Ashley.” She patted her hand with the brush. “Especially to me. No matter what.” Clara wanted to be crystal clear as to why she was punishing Ashley.

Tipping her head back a few inches, Ashley looked into her girlfriend’s face. Rivulets of tears already streaked Ashely’s cheeks. “I understand,” Ashley murmured. “Really. I do.”

Slowly, Clara pulled down Ashley’s slacks and panties and then drew her girlfriend over her lap. All the while, Clara held the hairbrush, and she fully intended to use it.